May 31

Sotomayor Vote Against First Amendment Rights in Case is More Than Alarming

President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, Sonia Sotomayor, last year rejected the First Amendment claim of a Burlington, Connecticut student penalized by school administrators for using the words “douche bag” in a blog she wrote at home. Read full story


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May 30

Obama and the Waterboarding Controversy

President Obama has been in office for just over four months now. Enough time has elapsed for him to realize that the statements made by Obama the Candidate on the campaign trail are far different in practical application versus Obama the President. One such challenge is his high-minded assertion that we, as Americans, do not engage in torture. If he were intellectually honest, he would know that, as a rule, it is not our policy to procure information from our enemies in an uncivil fashion. However, sometimes decent men need to do what is expedient for the greater good including averting the loss of lives. The previous administration authorized the use of certain information acquiring techniques such as waterboarding only under extremely rare circumstances where it was felt that American lives were in imminent danger and that extraordinary measures needed to be taken in order to protect their innocent lives. In the aftermath of 9/11 and the woefully inadequate information available regarding the capabilities and membership dispersion of Al Qaeda cells in the U.S., the American people demanded that our leaders do everything in their power to prevent another devastating attack. Millions of Americans fully supported the described usage of waterboarding. Whether or not you feel that waterboarding is torture or not, it was only performed on only three high level al Qaeda operatives and resulted in extracting valuable information that could not be obtained otherwise. According to those with knowledge of the situation as well as in documents that have not been released, valuable information was acquired from these men that foiled impending terrorist attacks that could have eventuated in the loss of countless American lives.
Obama could deflate this issue fairly quickly but he won’t for two main reasons. He is still adhering to a campaign mode mentality where making your opponent look bad wins you votes. He does this by relentlessly attacking Bush and Cheney. Furthermore by doing so on other issues such as complaining about the “mess that he inherited”, he is buying additional time and sympathy from the voters.
The second reason is that he does not want to acknowledge and draw attention to the success of the Bush-Cheney approach that kept us safe for 7 ½ years. By denigrating their accomplishment, he can more readily institute the radical changes that he desires on our security (dismantling it) with much more support.

Obamas Mesmerizing Rhetoric

Obama's Mesmerizing Rhetoric


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May 29

Obama’s Nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, is a Danger to the Rights of Average Americans

Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a liberal activist U.S. Appeals Court judge, to the Supreme Court. His criteria of selecting an individual based on “empathy” rather than Constitutional expertise and diversity rather than “the best person” available is legally arrogant at best and ideologically racist at worst. As President, Obama should serve as a representative of all Americans, not just a cheerleader and facilitator for those with certain genetic make-ups. He acts more like an Arrogance-in-Chief, intimating that some people more equal than others. Selecting individuals for government positions based on skin color, heritage or sex rather than ability is patently discriminatory, abhorrent and should be vigorously opposed. Though couched in the euphemistic term “affirmative action”, it is nothing more than blatant reverse discrimination which is morally repugnant and should be legally indefensible.
This divisive attitude can also re-ignite racial tensions brought about by a rational response from those who now are inequitably and egregiously disenfranchised simply because they belong to the majority. They have committed no crime but are paying a steep price for past infractions of others. Effort and abilities do not matter – diversity does. This liberal nostrum is not what we want to teach our children nor do we want this any more institutionalized than it is at present. This is not equal protection under our laws. Are we going to dispense with the major tenet that our country was founded on as written in our Declaration of Independence in 1776, that: “all men are created equal”? Does Obama, liberals and many Democrats find this too passé today?
Were there any white males on his short list for candidates for the Supreme Court? No. As a matter of fact, there were no males whatsoever – just five women. If they were the best candidates available, this would be acceptable but that was not the case. This is unequivocally diversity driven. As Sen. Schumer (D - N.Y.) and other liberals have stated, a vote against her is a vote against Hispanics and therefore the Republicans should not offer any opposition to her confirmation. This attitude, which is pervasive among Democrats, is reprehensible and offensive and should be interpreted by Hispanics as being condescending and paternalistic. When the Republicans had nominated Hispanics and Afro-Americans to important posts such as the Supreme Court (Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales), the Democrats viciously and relentlessly attacked them including with filibusters. One of those who vigorously opposed some of these selections was…Obama! Why the difference? Politics. The Republican choices were conservatives, whereas the Democrats are liberals.
Sotomayor has a long history of judicial activism and reverse racism as evidenced by her rulings and comments, some which are seen in the following video clips. Her comments are incendiary and pernicious and should be renounced by any fair minded American independent of their political persuasion. Obama’s nomination of such a divisive and offensive candidate to be a Supreme Court justice, a person who serves as the final arbiter in landmark decisions, speaks volumes of the deficiencies of his moral compass and his overall arrogance. This is just more evidence of his belief and support of the vitriolic racist sermons and philosophies that that the Reverend Wright was spewing as he attended Trinity Church in Chicago for all those years.
Write and call your Senators and urge them to vote against her nomination - and why. Write often… This is extremely important as this nominee may be rendering decisions long after Obama and members of Congress are gone.
The following articles which include videos, more extensive explain and vividly demonstrate some of the more significant issues relating to Sotomayor’s nomination. There will be more on this in the coming weeks.

The Great American Blog: Judge Sotomayor’s Most Controversial Case

Sotomayor Video: Judges Make Policy, Latinas Better Than Whites


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May 28

Americans May Be Waking up to the Dangers of Obama’s Ideologies Being Rubber Stamped by an Ultra-Liberal Democrat Congress

There may be light at the end of the tunnel. An article written by Human Events indicated that Americans are now becoming much more concerned by the lack of effective opposition and balances in controlling the implementation of Obama’s very liberal agenda.
Read full article: Americans Want a Check on Obama’s Agenda


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May 27

Speech Problem for Obama: Why Can’t He Say the Word “Terrorist”

Obama as well as the Democratic Party just can’t seem to admit that there are Islamic terrorists plotting relentlessly to attack us and our way of life. It was virtually never mentioned during the Presidential campaign by any of the Democratic candidates and has become a "verbum non grata" for this Obama Administration. When he delivered a speech on homeland security on May 21st, shockingly he did not acknowledge the arrest earlier in the day of four Islamic terrorists in New York City who were in the processing of staging several attacks there. For clarification as well, it was under the Bush administration that this plot was infiltrated and able to be successfully thwarted. There is no credit due Obama.
The video below is a news report of the arrests and detailing some of the specifics.

The following is an editorial by Michelle Malkin on Obama's silence on this matter:

Why No Word Of Terror Bust From Obama?


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May 26

Press One For English

This lively, well performed and entertaining musical video precisely captures the feelings of millions of Americans that "English is the language of these United States".


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May 25

Back to Our Roots: An Open Letter to President Obama from “Thomas Payne”

This video pretty much summarizes our present situation and issues quite dramatically and effectively. It is a must watch!


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May 24

Our Government At Work to Make It Fair…

Closing Loopholes

Effects of Government Overregulation and Taxation


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May 23

Socialism: And You Thought That It Could Never Happen Here!

These first several months of the Obama Administration coupled with a self-righteous and unstoppable far to the left leaning Congress, a profound recession, and a lapdog press has created the perfect storm for the previously unthinkable: transformation of a significant portion of the American economy to Socialism. Who would have thought that this would be possible here in America, never mind how these cataclysmic changes could have occurred in such a short period of time. This has become a steamroller of gargantuan proportions, crushing “Capitalism” as well as our individual rights as it blithely moves forward. We must stand up and fight or the America that we want, one of personal liberties, freedoms, motivation and great entrepreneurial spirit, will soon be just a memory. It will be replaced by an imperious Big Brother Federal government that will impose crushing taxes on its most productive citizens and corporations, facilitate massive wealth transfer to those who couldn’t be bothered with worthwhile careers, over-regulate and legislate, and even try to stifle dissent through its threatened imposition of the “Fairness Doctrine”.
The article below does elucidate some very important facts regarding Socialism. A very interesting but disconcerting finding that may be overlooked is the fact that a substantial percentage of young adults do not appreciate the advantages of capitalism over socialism. This is at least in part related to the relentless indoctrination they have received through textbooks written with a significant leftward leaning bias, their teachers who more often than not embrace this same philosophy, and the news media that frequently trashes capitalism. They need to be re-educated on the true nature of these two systems. That would be extremely important and helpful for all.

Massive Expansion Of U.S. Gov't Gives Socialism A Shot In The Arm


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May 22

California May Pay Another High Price for Its Years of Reckless Spending

Despite rejecting the recent initiatives to increase taxes and spending this past Tuesday, California finds itself in dire straits from years of liberal fiscal profligacy.
Read George Will’s recent editorial on this matter:  If California Is The Next Bailout, What Will Obama's Conditions Be?


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