Jun 30

Healthcare Rationing May Be a Cornerstone in Obama(no)care

In the healthcare reform package, there will be mechanisms by which care will be rationed. This can be based on cost, age, disease, pathology or even severity of the disease or person’s health. Bureaucrats may hold more sway over decisions than healthcare providers. For example, if you are 75 years old, physically active and in good health but just fractured your hip, the Government may refuse to authorize surgery to repair it because you are above the arbitrary cut-off age of 72 years. Instead, they may say just use a walker and take pain killers which could permanently disable you or limit your ability to walk. This is definitely not what most Americans want!

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Supreme Court Overturns Sotomayor’s and 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals Decision That Supported Reverse Racism to Implement Diversity Policies

The Supreme Court by a 5 to 4 margin overturned the decision of the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotamayor rendered and that went against Ricci and the White firefighters in their case versus the City of New Haven. In the surprisingly close ruling, the Supreme Court indicated that these firefighters were unfairly denied promotions because of their race (reverse discrimination) in order for the city of New Haven to implement their diversity plan.
Though the decision was anticipated, what we find shocking is that the vote was only 5 to 4 to reverse the Court of Appeals judgment in a case that was patently was blatantly reverse discrimination by any criteria. This case and the razor thin margin should serve as a clarion call regarding the importance of vehemently opposing the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. A similar case like this in the future could go the opposite way resulting in the discriminatory abridgement of our rights thus attributing greater inherent rights and equalities to some favored groups or individuals versus others.
Contact your representatives and voice your opposition to Sotomayor being confirmed!

See Video regarding the case and Supreme Court verdict:

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Jun 29

Martians Must Also be Driving SUV’s


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The Lies, Deceptions and Suppression of Information in Order to Facilitate Passage of the Cap and Trade Fraud

The global warming movement has morphed into a colossal fraud that is all about power and money and will stop at nothing in order to achieve these. It is about the aggrandizement of power by far left ideological politicians, multifaceted governmental intrusions in the private lives of its citizens, and wealth redistribution with imposition of massive taxation. Individuals and governments will unrelentingly suppress information that is contradictory to their cherished theory and have no qualms about slandering and vilifying individuals who have the audacity to challenge them.
The quintessential example of this is Mr. Inconvenient to Tell the Truth Gore. The data presented by him was speciously selected and manipulated so as to support his contention. Since then, his wealth has skyrocketed which is not just a little coincidence. Worth around one million dollars in 2001, he is estimated to now be worth in excess of one hundred million dollars – even with this recession. This is greater than a 10,000% increase in wealth in around eight years. Not bad. It couldn’t have been related to all those phony carbon offsets that your company was dealing with, could it Al?
There is so much data available, some of which has been suppressed (see article below) that refutes the whole argument. Without getting into a lengthy scientific discourse, what has been found is that there is an extremely strong correlation between global temperatures and sun spot activity using data involving many centuries. Furthermore, there has been no detectable global temperature fluctuation related to economic booms and busts which should exist if the global warming theories were correct.
This leads us to the Cap and Trade bill in Congress – a pernicious piece of legislation that will result in the destruction and redistribution of wealth, suppression of economic growth, and unrestrained government control and intrusion into the lives and activities of every American.

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Jun 28

Proposed Healthcare Reform by Democrats Pays Back Unions For Their Support in a Big Way: Tax Breaks

America’s labor unions are doing well with their political donation investments in the Democrats. The Chrysler bankruptcy deals rammed through by Obama and the Democratic Congress illegally provided the unions with a majority stake in the car company in patent violation of contract laws and far in excess of any impartially determined deserved proportion. This was a political payoff by the Democrats to one of their largest supporters. The same situation is shaping up with the GM bankruptcy.
Incredibly and brazenly, the Democrats are continuing this overtly corrupt payoff to the labor unions with their proposed healthcare reform plan.

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The Federal Government’s Track Record in Healthcare Is Poor

The federal government’s involvement in healthcare in such programs as Medicare and the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical system has been infinitely less than stellar. Bankrupting costs, inefficiencies, corruption, infamous red tape, arcane rules and regulations, and especially for the VA – poor quality of patient care. Despite this, Obama and the Democrats feel that the Federal government is eminently qualified to take over the nation’s healthcare system for everyone. This would dwarf the combined size of the Medicare program and the VA System.
Aren’t these the same people who brought us the Post Office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the IRS, etc.?

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Jun 27

Penalizing the Hard Work and Success of “Asians” and the Overt Racial Discrimination Perpetrated by Liberals

It has been well documented in the past that the liberal agenda to force diversity on college campuses has been most discriminatory against Asian Americans. This egregious policy essentially penalizes the hard work, dedication and success of this group as a whole, restricting their ability to enroll at particular universities and colleges where they are eminently more qualified than other applicants.
In an editorial written by Larry Elder in 2006 (Asian Students Face Quiet Bias by Universities), he noted that the median SAT scores for Asians at the University of Michigan was 1400 out of 1600 whereas the median for blacks was 240 points lower. Looking at it from another angle, he noted that Asian students with an SAT score of 1240 and a GPA of 3.2 had only a 10% chance of being accepted there versus 88% of Hispanics and 92% of blacks with the same scores. This is blatant and intolerable racism that must be stopped!

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What is the Real Agenda Behind Health Care Reform?

Obama and the Democrats have proposed several plans for healthcare reform that can’t truly be considered just “reforms”. These will essentially destroy the world’s best healthcare system and replace it with a government run one that will result in rationing of healthcare, long waits to receive medical care (weeks or months), exorbitant bankrupting costs, massive tax increases to try to pay for the system, marked decline in the quality of medical care, and a severe shortage of well trained healthcare providers. A vast majority of Americans are extremely satisfied with the present healthcare system and do not feel a complete transformation is warranted. Yes, many changes are needed such as tort reform and other legal issues that can save billions of dollars annually and reduce wasteful, unnecessary tests and procedures that have no benefit except to protect healthcare providers from frivolous lawsuits.
The real agenda behind the government run, single payer healthcare system is power, control and ideology. Period!!

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Jun 26

Thoughts on Discrimination, Racism and Sotomayor

In the following brilliantly analysis of racial politics, retribution and people’s rights, Thomas Sowell lucidly and cogently presents his thoughts on “paybacks” perpetrated by minorities on the average American who does not believe in discrimination but is being targeted. He also outlines the dangers of confirming a Supreme Court Justice who has made a career of playing identity politics and which could have long term implications on the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Read: Discrimination: From Equality To Payback


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An Inspirational Message of Hope for Conservatives

In the following editorial, Newt Gingrich optimistically states that there is abounding hope for realigning to a more conservative agenda and that we should not give up. He cites a litany of past events supporting this, principles that we should continue to follow and issues that we need to support.
Read: Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done


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