Jan 31

It Is Time to Take Care of Our Kids


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Obama’s Approach to Addressing Government Spending and Controlling the National Debt


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The Top 10 Breaches of Protocol By the Obamas

In the following brilliant and fascinating article, Megan Fox explores what she has determined as the top 10 breaches of protocol by the Obamas. This is not an ad hominem attack but an incisive look at the inexcusable and egregious blunders as well as the reckless arrogance of Barack and Michelle Obama which has implications and consequences for America as well as all its citizens.

A few of these influences include our standing in the world, effectiveness or lack thereof in controlling and addressing violence against Americans and American interests home and abroad, engendering rogue nations and dictators to persist in their actions rather than desist (Iran, North Korea), and losing support or staunch allies of the past.

Read: Top 10 Breaches of Protocol By the Obamas


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Jan 30

A Dire Consequence of Irresponsible Spending


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More Details On Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) To Reduce the Federal Government’s Annual Spending

We posted Sen. Rand Paul’s response to Obama’s State of the Union Address (Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) Brilliant Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address) on Jan 27. Below are more details of his plan to substantially downsize the federal government and with it, reduce expenditures by around $500 billion annually.

Rand Paul gets serious about the deficit
Joseph Smith  1/27/11

The President pretends to cut spending and the Republicans offer serious proposals, but Rand Paul has raised the bar on reducing the size of government.

Politico reports that Senator Paul (R-Kent.) has introduced a bill that would cut spending by $500 billion in one year:
...he clearly goes much further, folding the Energy Department into the Department of Defense and wiping out most of the Education Department but for Pell Grants to low income college students.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is a third casualty, together with seven independent agencies including the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and national endowments for the humanities and arts.

Senator Paul's legislation would reduce spending across a wide range of federal departments, as detailed in an overview of the bill.

As an example, The EPA's quixotic quest to save the world from carbon dioxide is made possible by an EPA budget of $11.2 billion, which the Paul legislation would reduce by $3.2 billion, or 29%.

Departments targeted for larger reductions include Agriculture, Defense, HHS, Homeland Security and State.  The general idea is to roll spending back to 2008 levels and eliminate wasteful programs.

Mr. Paul, the tea party stalwart, has posted his view on the stakes in this game, a game that is not for the faint of heart, nor, apparently, for this President.

The President's plan to "freeze" discretionary spending for five years would merely lock these bloated bureaucracies in place, where they can continue pillaging economic prosperity in perpetuity.

Rand Paul has set the bar beyond the reach of liberal minds, but it ultimately must be raised higher still if we are to tame the government beast.


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Jan 29

About MSNBC and the Far Left Media…


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Illegal Alien Costs In L.A. County Alone May Exceed $2 Billion Per Year!

By not effectively addressing illegal immigration issue, the anchor baby issue all while leaving our borders insecure and porous, we have left our country vulnerable on several accounts including massive unreimbursed costs, security, increased crime, overburdening of our educational system and reduction in its quality and effective resources.

This has also become a political issue with significant implications on both sides of the aisle. The Democrats largely refuse to effectively address the problem claiming that these individuals deserve better and it is our obligation to facilitate it by providing resources such as free health care, education and food stamps (all at the expense of us, the taxpayer). Part of the reason is related to their socialist utopian ideas of equality independent of effort, circumstances or national origin. They claim that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees them these rights.

However, the real reasoning is political expediency, power and money. These illegals vote Democrat by a margin of at least 2 to 1. By allowing the status quo, the Democrats are, in essence, guaranteeing themselves re-election in the future as there will be potentially a net increase of Democrat voters over Republicans by at least 4 million. Even worse, this will dilute the effects and power of the votes of true, homegrown citizens thus abridging our rights.

Attacking the Constitutional argument, most constitutional scholars agree that the 14th Amendment was inserted into the Constitution to ensure that children born to African slaves would be considered citizens. It was not intended to be interpreted as it has been for many years now. The consequence of this distorted “interpretation” is illegal aliens steal their way into our great country for the sole purpose of birthing "anchor babies" in order to gain access to our generous welfare benefits and live a more enjoyable life?

As the article below points out, the illegal immigrant parents of stateside-born children gain access to $600 million in social services benefits each year in Los Angeles County alone! When health care and public safety expenses are factored in, this cost exceeds $1.6 billion which doesn’t even include the costs associated with educating these children. With most municipalities in California and the state itself drowning in red ink, this is a burden the taxpayers cannot and should not be required to bear. Project the well over $2 billion in L.A. County alone (for just one year) to every other city, county, and state in America burdened by this fraudulent cost and we are talking well over $100 billion per year.

This massive expenditure of taxpayer dollars could be better employed to reduce our debt and deficit. This could be facilitated if changes were made such that the Fourteenth Amendment was followed as intended, not as the Progressives and Democrats want it to be interpreted - as part of their living, breathing document shtick.

Welfare Tab for Children of Illegal Immigrants Estimated at $600M in L.A. County
January 19, 2011

Welfare benefits for the children of illegal immigrants cost America's largest county more than $600 million last year, according to a local official keeping tabs on the cost.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich released new statistics this week showing social spending for those families in his county rose to $53 million in November, putting the county government on track to spend more than $600 million on related costs for the year -- up from $570 million in 2009.

Antonovich arrived at the estimate by factoring in the cost of food stamps and welfare-style benefits through a state program known as CalWORKS. Combined with public safety costs and health care costs, the official claimed the "total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers" was more than $1.6 billion in 2010.

"Not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education," he said in a statement.

Antonovich's figures, though, center on costs generated by American-born children of illegal immigrants. Isabel Alegria, communications director at the California Immigrant Policy Center, said it's "unfair" to roll together costs associated with both illegal immigrants and U.S.-born citizens.

"Those children are U.S. citizens, children eligible for those programs," Alegria said.

She also questioned the authenticity of Antonovich's numbers regarding health care and public safety -- though for the welfare program statistics, Antonovich cited numbers from the county's Department of Public Social Services.

Antonovich acknowledges that the children whose benefits he's focusing on are U.S.-born. But he argues that the money is collected by the illegal immigrant parents, putting a painful burden on taxpayers, including those who are legal immigrants.

"The problem is illegal immigration. ... Their parents evidently immigrated here in order to get on social services," Antonovich spokesman Tony Bell said. "We can no longer afford to be HMO to the world."

He said the state should cut back on these social benefits. According to the November statistics, that cost accounted for 22 percent of all food stamp and CalWORKS spending in the county.

Over the summer, the Federation for American Immigration Reform also looked at these kinds of costs nationwide to get an idea of the burden to local governments at a time when many are grappling with budget deficits.

The organization reported that the cost of illegal immigration stands at about $113 billion a year. Nearly half of that amount went toward education costs, according to the study. Costs were naturally higher in states with large illegal immigrant populations -- in California, the total annual cost was pegged at $21.8 billion.


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Jan 28

The Irony of Obama’s Sputnik Moment


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Freedom Of Speech Should Not Be Sacrificed For Civility of Political Discourse

Political speech can and will never be completely civil given the nature of the beast. Attempts to reign it in will only curtail our freedoms including the freedom of speech.

Who will be the arbiter appropriate speech?

The Left? The media? The President?

We can see how that is working out presently. Obama and the Progressives, liberals and Democrats in general talk about civility in discourse except it apparently doesn't apply to them in practice.

We must never agree to trade some free speech for greater civility in discourse as we will ultimately have neither free speech nor civility (paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin).


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Arizona the First of Several States Seeking to Mandate Proof of Eligibility for Presidential Candidates Before Being Placed On Ballots

Several states are in the process of working on legislation that would require Presidential candidates to provide legal proof of Constitutional eligibility in order to be placed on that particular state’s ballot. Arizona is leading the movement right now, having introduced a bill in the state Senate. Other states working on similar legislation include Texas, Pennsylvania, Montana and Georgia.

Obviously, the precipitating factor for all this legislation is Obama’s unrelenting refusal to release a legal copy of his birth certificate providing more fodder to those who question his true country of origin and birth. Because of Constitutional requirements of American citizenship, there are substantial doubts as to his compliance with this and he has never been mandated to produce the documentation. In fact, some have estimated that he has spent around $2 million to try to avoid “releasing” his birth certificate.

The logical question is if there is nothing to hide why is he trying to hide it?

The answer is also obvious: Obama does have something to hide - like his otherwise Constitutional ineligibility to be President. Maybe this is also why he regularly denigrates and trivializes the Constitution.

If these state bills are passed before the 2012 election, Obama may find it impossible to run for re-election or win just by the sheer loss of potential electoral votes.

Read: Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law

(Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again)


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