Nov 8

Was Harry Reid’s Re-election Obtained By Illegal and Fraudulent Means?

Given the arrogance, corruption and contempt that have been egregiously displayed by Harry Reid, Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats of their ilk, it does not come as a shock that Reid’s “re-election” may have been a result of such actions. Furthermore, with stories coming out of ballots pre-selected for him and union involvement in the election, we would not be surprised if this election was illegally manipulated to guarantee him a victory.

Adding further suspicion to this was the 9 point swing in support where he was down at least 3 points immediately prior to the election yet won by a margin of 6 points over Sharron Angle.

This must be investigated in light of the already known innumerable coordinated attempts across the country by the left of massive voter fraud – many involving groups associated with ACORN and George Soros.

Harry Reid should not be above the law
Washington Examiner Editorial   November 5, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looked like toast a few days before the Nov. 2 election, trailing his Republican challenger Sharron Angle by three or more points in the campaign's concluding polls, according to RealClearPolitics. But when ballots were counted, Reid had somehow converted that deficit to a nearly six-point margin of victory. Most observers attributed the phenomenal success of Reid's last-ditch comeback to the Nevada Democratic Party's highly polished get-out-the-vote "ground game." But an internal e-mail from a Reid campaign operative to a Harrah's executive strongly suggests the Reid ground game depended at least in part on breaking the law.

As former Federal Election Commissioner Hans A. von Spakovsky explained Friday in The Examiner, federal law makes it illegal for officials with a Senate campaign to coordinate with corporate or union officials: "Both the Reid campaign and Harrah's may have violated federal campaign finance law that prohibits in-kind corporate and union contributions to, and coordination with, political campaigns. Corporations and unions may spend money to run ads in support of or opposing a candidate, but they are not allowed to make direct or in-kind contributions to federal candidates. Federal criminal law also prohibits intimidation and coercion of a person exercising his or her right to vote (or not to vote)."

According to the e-mail, which was first made public by National Review Online's Elizabeth Crum, the Reid staffer pleaded with Marybel Batjer, Harrah's vice president for government relations, to do everything possible to get the firm's thousands of employees and their families in Nevada's largest county to the polls to vote for the Senate majority leader, including putting a "headlock" on recalcitrant supervisors "to get them to follow through." In response, Batjer instructed her fellow Harrah's executives that they were to "do whatever we need to do to get the supervisors to know that there is NOTHING more important than to get employees out to vote. Waking up to a defeat of Harry Reid Nov 3rd will be devastating for our industry's future."

It is clear that the pro-Reid effort by Harrah's executive met with some level of resistance within the company, as one of the e-mails obtained by Crum referred to problems encountered by the Reid backers with midlevel supervisors in the company's culinary department. "They simply are not cooperating and listening with upper management" in the companywide get-out-the-Reid vote campaign, a Harrah's executive complained in one of the e-mails. Because intimidation and coercion were apparently involved, this matter requires the attention of the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Section. Attorney General Eric Holder can be sure that the House Judiciary Committee will be closely watching his actions on this matter.*157/1107Editorial.jpg


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Oct 27

The Scope and Magnitude of Voter Fraud Perpetrated By Liberals Is Dangerous and Outrageous

The magnitude and scope of voter fraud perpetrated by liberal and far left groups is nothing short of astounding – and brazen. Not only is it illegal, but it also effectively abridges and endangers our freedoms, rights, opportunities and abilities to accumulate wealth.

George Soros, ACORN and SEIU are intimately involved in these rigged elections both directly and through proxies. Democrats and the news media marginalize the severity of the problem and even speciously turn it around, blaming conservatives and Republicans for much of it. Their modus operandi is the Chicago/Alinsky way – ad hominem attacks and deflecting the blame.

We must be vigilant this election regarding voter fraud and rigging the results. If we want to take our country back, we must educate ourselves in the truths and deceptions and be ready to act on them to effect the desired results.

A drive to protect vote fraud
By Michelle Malkin   October 27, 2010

Faced with multiple reports of early-voting irregularities and election shenanigans across the country, left-wing groups are playing dumb, deaf and blind.

More cunningly, these organizations are seeking to marginalize complaints about election integrity by casting citizen-watchdog efforts as racist "scare tactics." Echoing President Obama's message to the Democratic faithful on the campaign trail, they are accusing political opponents of suppressing the votes of minorities and the poor. Yesterday, The New York Times quoted a liberal voting-rights advocate, Wendy R. Weiser, wringing her hands over individual Americans taking clean elections seriously:

"Private efforts to police the polls create a real risk of vote suppression, regardless of their intent," said Weiser.

Weiser also turned up in a similar story minimizing voter fraud that was published yesterday by National Public Radio.

The NPR report asserted that "most election experts" believe that fears of voter fraud are "overblown." Overblown?

* In North Carolina and Nevada, early voters have encountered ballot-machine glitches that favor Democrats in hotly contested races.

* In Troy, NY, and Daytona Beach, Fla., police investigations into suspected absentee-ballot fraud by elected government officials are underway.

* In Harris County, Texas, the voter registrar admitted that 20 percent of voter-registration forms submitted by liberal activist Houston Votes had problems. Election whistleblowers there are now being investigated by the Obama Justice Department and have been slapped with an ethics complaint by the Texas Democratic Party and a left-wing group called Texans for Public Justice.

* In Yuma County, Ariz., election officials denied any fraud associated with thousands of requests for "permanent early voter list" status submitted en masse by open-borders group Mi Familia Vota (a social-justice satellite of the Service Employees International Union). But election officials admitted that some 6,000 out of 14,000 requests fielded by the Yuma County Recorder's Office "were reviewed and rejected, under Arizona law, either due to the fact the request was a duplicate or the requestor was not eligible to vote in this election or within the jurisdiction."

Liberals shrugged their shoulders at reports of illegal-alien canvassers trolling for votes in Washington state. Never mind the radical goals spelled out by SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer and Mi Familia Vota founder Eliseo Medina, who views illegal-alien amnesty as a powerful Democratic recruitment tool to capture millions of new progressive voters.

And for the last two years, Democratic leaders have had nothing to say about the militant New Black Panther Party goons who took it upon themselves to police a Philadelphia voting booth in 2008 wielding billy clubs and shouting anti-white slurs to suppress votes. Now, they're treating citizen election monitors as if they are the jack-booted thugs.

Silence dissent. Criminalize watchdogs. Whitewash fraud. These are the signature tactics of the left. On Nov. 2,
Americans get their chance to say: Enough.

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Oct 21

Far Left Finanacing of Widespread Voter Fraud

Most people just assume that the constitutional tenet of one person – one vote is a given. In an honest and idealistic world this should be true. Unfortunately, this is far from reality and many elections are being significantly influenced or bought/stolen by well financed and orchestrated schemes that largely seem to arise from the far left.

Who are these groups and individuals that seek to manipulate elections to facilitate the victory of their far left candidates? Generally they are well known names like George Soros, SEIU and ACORN.

Where is the FBI and Dept. of Justice? Aren’t they supposed to help protect our rights?

As evidenced by the egregious dismissal of charges against the New Black Panther Party by the Dept. of Justice and its inherent bias against Whites, they are clearly not executing their responsibilities under the Obama Administration.

After the elections in November, among the big issues that must be investigated is voter fraud and the groups and individuals that are involved. Serious efforts must be made to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law otherwise our Democracy will be even in more jeopardy.

Tea Party Vs. SEIU
Investor’s Business Daily   09/28/2010

Electoral Process: The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance, especially at the ballot box. A group of Texans who decided to get involved in local elections uncovers massive vote fraud connected to a powerful union.

Being an election judge or poll watcher is often a thankless task and one of those things that many voters have no particular interest in doing. The job is often left to party hacks and other foxes willing to guard the henhouse. Yet they are the ones who rock the cradle of democracy.

Perhaps concerned about the election shenanigans of recent years involving Acorn and bogus registrations, Black Panthers intimidating voters with nightsticks and suspicious recounts that go on and on until a desired result is achieved, as in Minnesota, Catherine Engelbrecht and 50 other Houston neighbors decided to get involved.

They volunteered to work at Houston polling places in the 2008 election cycle. "What we saw shocked us," Engelbrecht said. "There was no one checking IDs, judges would vote for people that asked for help. It was fraud, and we watched like deer in the headlights."

Seeing that it wasn't quite the way their old civics class textbooks said it would be, they decided to form a group, "True The Vote," which would do what governments were unable or unwilling to do: ensure that voters are alive, eligible, who they say they are and cast their ballots only once. "It was a true Tea Party moment," Engelbrecht recalls.

She and her associates collected publicly available polling data to prove that the fraudulent voting they saw was real, rampant and organized. "The first thing we started to do was look at houses with more than six voters in them," she said, because those were houses most likely to have fraudulent voters attached to them.

They found that most voting districts had about 2,400 of such residences if they were primarily Democratic, only 1,800 if they were Republican. When they came to one with 2,400 houses, they dug deeper with the help of 30 donated computers and countless hours of volunteer work.

One woman was found to have registered six times in one day. There were 1,597 registrations that named the same person with a variety of signatures. One person turned in more registrations in one day than was physically possible.

"Vacant lots had several voters registered on them. An eight-bed halfway house had more than 40 voters registered at its address," according to Engelbrecht. "We then decided to look at who was registering the voters."

It turned out most of the fraudulent registrations were done by a group called Houston Votes, headed by Sean Castle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union. Only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be good.

Harris County voter registrar Leo Vasquez has taken True The Votes' work and the results of his own investigation to the Texas secretary of state's office and the Harris County district attorney.

"The integrity of the voting rolls in Harris County, Texas, appears to be under an organized and systematic assault by the group operating under the name Houston Votes," Vasquez said.

Voter rolls are under assault nationwide by the group formerly known as Acorn, the SEIU, and others. The Secretary of State Project is a group founded and funded by George Soros and dedicated to electing people like Minnesota's Mark Ritchie to control the election machinery. It was Ritchie's suspect recounting process that put comedian Al Franken in the U.S. Senate.

"It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes" is a quote most commonly attributed to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. It could be the motto of, Acorn and the SEIU.


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Jul 22

Sen. Franken’s Election Win In Minnesota Appears to Have Been Fraudulently Obtained

Suspected at the time and now being investigated, it appears that malfeasance was committed in order to get Al Franken elected as Senator for Minnesota in the 2008 elections. The state’s Attorney General at the time seemed to portend that a way would be found to elect Franken which ultimately was the case. Facilitating the course of events was corrupt involvement by ACORN.

The manipulation and violation of our laws and the election process by well orchestrated corrupt actions of ACORN, SEIU and other unions and dishonest partisan Democrats and the news media’s malpractice in ignoring such transgressions, presents sever threats to our rights and freedoms.

Demand for probe into MN felon voting grows
Ed Morrissey July 16, 2010

Minnesota Majority spokesman Dan McGrath appeared on the Twin Cities Fox affiliate last night to explain their latest report on felon voting in Minnesota, and to expand on their demand for law enforcement action. According to their meticulous research of voting and conviction records, as many as 1,000 felons may have voted in the 2008 election in Minnesota. That would have been more than enough to swing the US Senate election to Al Franken, who prevailed by just over 300 votes in a protracted recount and election challenge over Norm Coleman. Noting that the data won’t have any impact on the 2008 results, McGrath wants action to ensure the integrity of the upcoming November election, but doesn’t appear to be getting much cooperation:

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to subtract felon voters once the ballots have been cast. That’s why federal law requires states to regularly audit and cleanse their voting rolls to remove the dead and ineligible, in order to protect the value of eligible votes.

The Department of Justice has become disinterested in enforcing this part of the Motor Voter Act, a fact pointed out specific to Minnesota by J. Christian Adams last week on a local talk-radio show. Ramsey County, which includes the capital city of St. Paul, has researched a few of the cases but as noted by Fox 9 reporter Jeff Passolt, doesn’t appear to consider it a priority.

Even if the Minnesota Majority report is entirely correct — and it appears very solid — it wouldn’t provide a basis of overturning Franken’s election. McGrath is right in that the report should be considered in the context of the future instead of the past, and all sides should be demanding enforcement of voter eligibility in order to ensure clean elections. To the extent that enthusiasm lacks, it’s worth asking how much value some people put in clean elections, both inside and outside of Minnesota.

Probe Grows in MN Felon Voting Scandal


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Mar 13

Our Taxes Are Being Used By The Obama Administration To Recruit and Indoctrinate High School Students To Socialist and Anti-American Causes

Incredibly and without little fanfare or news exposure, Obama is appropriating more than $100 billion of our taxes for indoctrinating our youth into the far-left ideology. This includes teaching the Saul Alinsky method of radical community organizing such as used by ACORN and re-educating these modern day “Hitler youths” to ascribe to Marxism, anti-American and anti-capitalism sentiment, etc. These individuals will also serve to recruit more voters to the Democratic Party and try to influence election results.

Now you know that our hard earned tax dollars are being used for a far-left agenda aimed at undermining our country and turning our youth against us.

Gov't Organizing Radicals In Our Schools
By PHYLISS SCHLAFLY     02/26/2010

President Obama's budget has added more than $100 billion in federal taxpayers' money to what is called "education," so that means it will be spent by alumni of the Saul Alinsky school of radical community organizing and/or the Chicago Democratic machine. We're indebted to Pamela Geller of for exposing the shocking use of some of these funds.

Obama is using the public schools to recruit a private army of high-schoolers to "build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda." We now know Obama's "agenda" is to move the U.S. into European-style socialism.

Obama's Internet outreach during his campaign, Obama for America, has been renamed Organizing for America (OFA) in order to recruit students to join a cult of Obama and become activists for his goals.

Stirring It Up

Geller discovered that the teacher of an 11th-grade government class in Massillon, Ohio, passed out the sign-up sheet, headed with Obama's "O" logo, asking students to become interns for Organizing for America.

These interns will get an intensive nine-week training course using comprehensive lesson plans. Assigned readings include Saul Alinsky's notorious "Rules for Radicals," "Stir It Up: Lessons From Community Organizing and Advocacy" by left-wing activist Rinku Sen, and parts of "Dreams From My Father" dealing with Obama's days as a Chicago community organizer.

Republican students will be filtered out of the intern program by requiring applicants to answer questions that reveal their politics. One example: "What one issue facing our country is important to you and why?"

Geller said the purpose of this training to become Alinsky-style community organizers is, "of course, to elect more Democrats." The program is specifically geared to get the kids working in the 2010 elections.

Change Agenda

The sign-up sheet for Organizing for America starts with this instruction: "Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is building on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda of change."

The application explains that this national internship program is "working to make the change we fought so hard for in 2008 a reality in 2010 and beyond."

This is not the first time Obama has tried to enlist schoolchildren into an Obama cult.

Last fall, the instructions mailed to every school by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan added a very political dimension to Obama's speech that was broadcast to public school children on Sept. 8.

Geller explained the extensive political dimension of the intern program. The OFA student interns will be trained in the goals and language of the left: "anti-war agitation, anti-capitalism, Marx, Lenin, (Bill) Ayers, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) agenda promotion, global warming, soft-on-jihad and illegal immigration."

Also on OFA's reading list is "The New Organizers" by Zack Exley. It brags about "an insurgent generation of organizers" inside the Obama campaign that has "almost without anyone noticing ... built the Progressive movement a brand new and potentially durable people's organization, in a dozen states, rooted at the neighborhood level."

The 10-page "National Intern Organizer Curriculum" is very specific in describing the tactics that interns will be taught. It includes these components: "Using Story as an Organizing Tool, Building Relationships and Building Teams, Mobilizing to Win on the Issues (issue advocacy), Health Care Service Project."

Passage of ObamaCare is one of this intern project's major goals. The curriculum promises to provide "insight on the strategy and plan behind the health care campaign" and "further motivate them to work on the issue."

The sign-up sheet states that the "purpose" of training these students is "to build community" among the interns and teach them "to be leaders in OFA's organizing work." After all, Barack Obama knows a great deal about being a community organizer — that was his only real job before he got into politics.

Acorn Support

Job prospects may be bleak for many Americans, but they will be rosy for alumni of Obama's intern program.

After the students have been fully trained as Alinsky-style community organizers, they will be eligible for jobs in Senior Corps, AmeriCorps or Learn and Serve America.

Those three so-called "service" organizations, which annually dole out millions of dollars to left-wing groups, are overseen by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The U.S. Senate just confirmed this corporation's new chief executive, Patrick Corvington, who was a senior official of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which has given over a million and a half dollars to the Acorn network of organizations.


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Jan 14

SPECIAL REPORT and Request For Support: Republican Candidate for Vacant U.S. Senate Seat In Massachusetts Has Highly Realistic Chance For Victory In Special Election Set For January 19th, 2010

As you may know, a special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s open Senate seat is being held this coming Tuesday, January 19th in Massachusetts. Though it is “local” election, for many obvious reasons it is having and will have potentially explosive repercussions and ramifications for the entire country short and long term. The voting and outcome can potentially annihilate Obama’s and Congressional Democrats’ ideological agenda of socialism, wealth redistribution, taxation and other radical legislation. Most immediately, a Republican win would kill the Obamacare bill.

The profound consequences of such a win are impossible to overstate. The Republican candidate for Senator, Scott Brown, would represent the 41st Republican Senator which would finally provide the ability to filibuster Congressional legislation rather than have Pelosi, Reid et al. contemptuously ram anything they want down the throats of unwilling and protesting Americans.

Presently in probably the bluest of blue states, a few polls have Scott Brown in essentially a dead heat with the Democratic challenger, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. Among her supporters including financially are and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). We suspect that corrupt and infamous ACORN is also working feverishly to help elect Democratic candidate Coakley

Since we all strongly care about our country, it is imperative that we help Scott Brown get elected. He has received unprecedented grassroots support from both the voters of Massachusetts as well as from Americans all across the country. Many of these voters are Democrats or Independents who are fed up with the arrogance, incompetence, profligacy, and dictatorial attitude that is endemic in Washington.

Who is Scott Brown? He is a presently a Republican Massachusetts State Senator who has represented the Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex District since 2004. Just previous to this, he served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the 9th Norfolk District starting in 1998. He is homegrown, having graduated Wakefield High School (1977), Tufts University (1981), and Boston College Law School (1985). Politically, Brown has been described as a moderate Republican with socially moderate and fiscally conservative views. He is extremely intelligent, articulate, sensible and principled.

The following video exemplifies these traits and his refreshing attitude that he is there to serve the people and not rule over them as the Democrats in Congress have repeatedly demonstrated and verbalized.

With all due respect, it's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat.

The following are two of his political websites that you can visit to make contributions to his campaign. Even a small amount now can potentially pay dividends for all of us later if he can pull out an earth shattering win.

The following article posted on analyzes the present situation:

Scott Brown in Virtual Tie in Massachusetts Race as Dems Deploy
By Robert Schlesinger January 13, 2010

In the first contest of 2010, the question shouldn't be whether Democrats will win but by how much. On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters will select the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's successor. Martha Coakley, the Bay State's attorney general and the Democratic nominee, was until very recently the prohibitive favorite over GOP nominee Scott Brown, a state senator. Not only had Coakley raised $5.2 million to Brown's $1.2 million (his fundraising has increased dramatically with the new national attention), but Massachusetts is about as reliably Democratic as they come.

The race was supposed to be a yawner but has become the focus of the political world as recent polls have shown it to be a nail-biter: Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, reported over the weekend that Brown had a 48-47 lead, while a Rasmussen poll released today had Coakley ahead by a mere two points, 49-47--a virtual tie, as it is within the 3 percent margin of error. As recently as last month, political guru Stuart Rothenberg wrote that, "If Brown can crack the 40 percent mark against Coakley, it would be noteworthy," political guru Stu Rothenberg wrote last month. Tuesday Rothenberg moved the Massachusetts senate into the "narrow advantage" for Democrats column on his report.

As I reported last week, the liberal group started fundraising for Coakley, warning its members that "progressive hero Ted Kennedy's senate seat--and with it any hope for passing majori progressive legislation this year" were in danger. I wrote then that , "a telling sign of serious tightening would be either of the national parties moving late money into the race." Well this week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee bought more than $500,000 in television ads in a race that under normal circumstances would not require a national Democratic dime. In addition, the Service Employees International Union is pouring $685,000 into the race.

As the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza observes today, the race has become a good preview of the campaign themes the two parties may trot out in other races this fall, with Democrats trying to use the specter of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin to tar their GOP opponents and Republicans harping on change. Cillizza writes:

If Brown manages to win, expect Democrats to quickly dismiss the loss as an outlier due to Coakley's substandard campaign. But, privately, something close to panic may well set in if the alleged ace in the hole--linking Republicans to the Bush administration and/or Palin--doesn't come through in a state as strongly favorable to their party as Massachusetts and in a political environment that is tilting away from them on the issues of the day.

Republicans believe that Brown's candidacy is already a blueprint for how they can be competitive almost anywhere in the country in November and so, regardless of whether Brown wins or loses next Tuesday, you can expect a heavy dose of the sort of independent/status quo shakeup messages that Brown has ridden to something close to a dead heat in Massachusetts.
Given that even a narrow Coakley win will be decried as a loss for Democrats, it's hard to see much good news coming to them next Tuesday.


The following is an interview that was conducted with Scott Brown by RealClearPolitics.

Interview With Scott Brown
By RealClearPolitics

Two sites to make contributions to Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown's campaign:


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Oct 10

More Widespread Corruption By ACORN Uncovered in Nevada

The Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller who is a Democrat, revealed to Eric Shawn on FOX News that ACORN was hiring convicts who were still incarcerated. Some of these individuals were convicted of identity theft yet their hob was to be canvassing for voters. This is akin to having a sexual predator partying with a room full of provocatively attired cheerleaders who have been plied with alcohol.

With evidence discovered in ACORN offices, officials in Nevada believe this corrupt practices involved individuals who were much higher up in ACORN. They also believe that there is more than sufficient evidence to obtain convictions.

We can see that this organization and its culture are inherently corrupt from top to bottom and across the country. Their illicit partisan activities including voter fraud and ballot stuffing are to be condemned in particular because they can ultimately affect elections and with it, our rights. Yet despite all of this known information, the Democrats who are the beneficiaries of the group’s support, resolutely persist in sending lewd amount of tax dollars to this group. Unbelievably, the stimulus bill that was approved earlier this year allocated right billion dollars to ACORN!

Video: ACORN Hired People "Still In Prison" For ID Theft


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Oct 6

ACORN Discovered to Have Illegally Solicited Votes for Obama

A Republican state legislator released documents September 29th which he alleges reveal that the community-organizing group ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the November 2008 election and had developed a game plan to "take power” in Oklahoma within five years.

The documents, which include legislative district maps and various forms, were recovered from computers abandoned by ACORN workers in Oklahoma City, said Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. Also found was a script apparently used in Houston to go door-to-door to encourage voters to vote for Barack Obama in November 2008.

We wonder how many elections ACORN has corruptly and illegally affected in addition to its widespread illicit activities.

Read: ACORN plot found, Oklahoma GOP says


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Sep 28

ACORN Helping Illegal Aliens to Get Home Loans


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Sep 24

The Congressional Stimulus Bill Was A Radical Plan

In a political year of previously unimaginable legislation and events, one seemingly more outrageous or unanticipated than the next, comes a shocking new revelation. The Congressional Stimulus Bill which was passed on February 13th, also known as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, not only was not read by any member of Congress but it also was not authored by any of them or any members of their staffs except for the myriad pork projects. Yes, you read that correctly and are not in a drug induced stupor or other altered state of consciousness! In a move where calling it egregious woefully understates the case, Congress (largely Democrats) passed a $787 billion dollar stimulus bill that would spend our tax dollars without even one member reading or writing the document. The level of arrogance and contempt for the American taxpayer that this abrogation of responsibility represents is unfathomable.

Now for the clincher. If Congress didn’t write this pork laden, profligate monstrosity then who did?  An amalgamation of several radical leftist interest groups called the Apollo Alliance authored this bill and did so with the intent of advancing their radical agenda. The mission statement of the Apollo Alliance identifies its goals to be to “tie elements of organized labor with community organizers and environmental groups into an outfit that would restructure American society.”

Among the members of its Board of Directors were:

  1. Van Jones the communist of “green czar” notoriety
  2. Wade Rathke – founder of ACORN
  3. Gerald Hudson – V.P. of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). This is the same union presently doing much of the coercing in trying to have the healthcare reform bill passed and was involved in melees at tea party protests and town hall meetings.


Read: Radicals Wrote Failed Stimulus


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