Jul 10

Obama’s Response on Honduras is Another Telling Sign of His Politics and Incompetence

Obama’s actions and responses as well of lack thereof in support of democratic movements such as in Iran and Honduras are nothing short of abhorrent and irresponsible and by proxy, don’t reflect well on the United States which up to now has always been the bastion and protector of freedom. This should come as no surprise to those closely following his presidential campaign where pictures of the terrorist Che Guervarra were displayed in his offices which often did not have an American flag. There were also the public debates over his lack of wearing an American flag lapel pin which most other legislators customarily wore and his not acting appropriately for the Pledge of Allegiance.
The situation in Iran was quite clear – he said too little and too late in support of the oppressed citizens of Iran who were protesting against the government and a possible stolen election. In Honduras, a small country situated in Central America, the situation was quite different but the appropriate response that Obama should have taken was unequivocally clear. He should have immediately championed the brave position taken by the Honduran Supreme Court, the military and citizens of the country who wanted to preserve their democracy and prevent Zelaya, the president, from illegally changing the Constitution in order to become a dictator. Instead, Obama voiced vehement support for the deposed dictator to be, the same position taken by the notorious dictators Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega. Even the most uninformed, intellectually challenged individual will know that no matter what is involved, you don’t want to find yourself on the same side of an argument or position as these three tyrants. This position by Obama speaks volumes of who he really is personally, ideologically and politically.
The following editorial elucidates the Honduran situation in greater detail and how Obama’s disgraceful decision will reflect badly on the United States and our “moral authority” not just in Latin America but throughout the world.

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