Jan 4

The Obama Administration’s and Progressive’s Disingenuous Attempts to Change Our Terminology and Points of View

In an insidious and cynical fashion, liberals/Progressives and many in the news media are trying to effect changes in our speech in order to subliminally influence our ideologies, beliefs and political views. We see that with the Obama Administration’s avoidance of terms such as “Islamic terrorism”, “illegal aliens” or “global war on terror”, replacing them with "ideologically motivated violent crime “, “undocumented immigrants” and “overseas contingency operation”, respectively.

This neutralization and homogenization of the precise descriptive terms of what these are suppose to describe is disingenuous, dishonest, and arrogant. It may also have some slight effect on our ability to deal with the specific problems which seems to be the underlying motivation of Obama, the Left and the news media. Their scheming is directed at deconstructing the America that we know and knew and replacing it with their radical, perverted view instead.

The respected Sen. Joe Lieberman has vehemently criticized the Obama Administration’s efforts to downplay Islamic extremism as a cause of terrorism. In a letter to the White House, he asserted that "the failure to identify our enemy for what it is -- violent Islamist extremism -- is offensive and contradicts thousands of years of accepted military and intelligence doctrine to 'know your enemy.'"

We must all be wary of these “word police” who will try to sway us and even more dangerously, our impressionable young who are the future of this country. They must be vociferously opposed and thwarted at every opportunity.

The following video, from Fox News with Megyn Kelly, is a “discussion” on the usage of “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” versus the Left’s desired “undocumented immigrant”:

(Megyn Kelly: Calling Illegal Immigrants ‘Undocumented’ Is Like Calling Rape ‘Sex’)


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Nov 28

Hopefully, Several Senate Democrats Will Also Have What Joe Lieberman Has


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