Apr 11

“president” Obama’s First Re-election Ad for 2012


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Mar 27

On Too Many Issues, Obama Bailing Out On Leadership Responsibilities


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Mar 26

The Feckless Obama: All Talk and Inaction and No Leadership


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Mar 24

Obama’s “Leadership” Goes Wherever the Wind Blows

Another "wind" metaphor: "Gone with the wind..." Obama, that is, literally


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Mar 23

Barry As A Child: Same Story, Different Time


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“To Be Or Not To Be A Real Leader” – Is Only Part of Obama’s Problems

In the following essay, Victor Davis Hanson sees Obama as a modern day Prince Hamlet. He is faced with a lot of information, ambiguities and often no simple solution much like Shakespeare’s Hamlet and therefore can’t seem to make a decision. Or is it, he just doesn’t want to be involved in making a decision?

Davis notes that now with Obama being President and needing to make choices, his “thinking out every possible side of a question can mean never acting on any of them — a sort of Shakespearean "prison" where "there is nothing either good or bad.""

This imputes too much intelligence and good in Obama - so we disagree with this part of the premise. However, we strongly believe that a compounding factor in Obama’s indecisiveness, lack of leadership and his abhorrent performance as “president” is related to the complete absence of any significant decision making in his past. He was not even a manager at McDonald’s!

Obama is completely inexperienced and unprepared to be President!

Add to this his radical, anti-American, racist upbringing along with pathological narcissism and hedonistic proclivities … and that is precisely why we have BIG PROBLEMS NOW.

Obama: To Be Or Not To Be A Real Leader
Victor Davis Hanson   03/17/2011

More than 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote a riveting tragedy about a young, charismatic Danish prince who vowed to do the right thing in avenging his murdered father.

That soon proved easier said than done. As a result, Hamlet couldn't quite ever act in time — given all the ambiguities that such a sensitive prince first had to sort out. In the meantime, a lot of bodies piled up through his indecision and hesitancy.

President Obama wanted to give us all universal health care. But then he discovered that the country was broke and that most people did not like his massive federal takeover. So we got both his health care and so far more than 1,000 exemptions from his landmark plan for unions, corporations and entire states.

The president wished to please his liberal supporters with more government redistributive programs and higher taxes on the wealthy.
But such entitlements cost lots of money — more than $4 trillion in new borrowing in just three years — and scare to death the job-creating private sector.

So the president not only borrows at record levels, but also sets up a commission to warn us that his borrowing will soon bankrupt the country. He damns the "fat cat bankers" and the rich who "at some point" have made enough money, even as he courts them for campaign donations and begs their companies to start hiring new employees.

Droning On

Obama warned us that we could not drill our way out of the ongoing gas crisis and needed instead to develop new green energy. As proof, he borrowed billions to promote wind and solar power, and stopped most new leases for fossil fuel exploration in Alaska, the West and offshore.

But it turned out that we still need lots of oil as gas nears $4 a gallon. So the president brags that America is now pumping more oil under his green administration than ever before — but neglects to mention that it's true only because Presidents Clinton and Bush long ago approved the sort of oil leases that Obama had rejected.

President Obama wanted so much to discontinue George W. Bush's war on terror that he banned the phrase "war on terror" altogether. He apologized to the Muslim world, promised to "reset" our foreign policy and vowed to close Guantanamo Bay and stop the other nasty Bush anti-terrorism protocols.

But our "to be or not to be" Hamlet also wanted to continue to keep the country safe from another 9/11-style terrorist attack, so he kept Guantanamo open, quadrupled the number of Predator drone attacks and either preserved or expanded all the Bush protocols that he had once derided.

Abroad, a new multilateral Obama wished to act only in concert with the United Nations and our allies. He vowed to respect the sovereignty of other countries and not "meddle" in their affairs by imposing American values.

Shortage Of Details

And yet the president also embraced eternal and universal human rights and wanted the United States to be on the right side of history. So he criticized our intervention to foster democracy in Iraq even as his vice president praised it. We surged in Afghanistan even as we posted deadlines to leave. We promised not to meddle to support Iranian protesters, and to meddle to support Egyptian protesters.

Hosni Mubarak was a dictator and was not a dictator, who had to leave yesterday, today or maybe tomorrow. The situation in Libya is deemed "unacceptable," but how exactly it could be made acceptable is never spelled out. Intervening there to support rebels is said to be good; but apparently so is supporting Saudi troops intervening in Bahrain to put down rebels and protect the status quo.

Middle East strongmen, the president tells us, are cruel and must leave, but the why and how of it all are also never stated. Are they supposed to flee only when protests reach a critical mass? In Egypt and Tunisia, but not in Saudi Arabia, Syria or Iran?

President Obama has spent most of his life either in, or teaching, school — or making laws that he was not responsible for enforcing.
His hope-and-change speeches were as moving in spirit as they were lacking in details.

But now Obama is chief executive, and learning, as did Prince Hamlet, that thinking out every possible side of a question can mean never acting on any of them — a sort of Shakespearean "prison" where "there is nothing either good or bad." Worrying about pleasing everyone ensures pleasing no one. Once again such "conscious does make cowards of us all."

Hamlets, past and present, are as admirable in theory as they are fickle — and often dangerous — in fact.


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Mar 20

Obama’s Egregious Inaction and Lack Of Leadership

How is it that seemingly millions of Americans are not outraged by Obama's egregious lack of action in Libya and the Mideast as thousands are slaughtered?

If we don't get involved now and pay a small price, we will be paying a far greater price later on.

His disengagement at home as well is reckless, inexcusable and despicable.


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Mar 19

Typical Obama Leadership


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Mar 18

Obama: Detached, Egocentric and Devoid of Leadership


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Obama’s Absence of Leadership and Engagement Disgraceful and Reckless

These are not halcyon days but judging by Obama’s frivolous and hedonist activities, you may be fooled. He has consumed plenty of time assessing and completing picks for the NCAA basketball brackets. Obama has also indulged in several White House parties, money raising events, basketball and golfing outings over the last few weeks. This weekend he is even going to Rio.

All fun.

Zero leadership or signs of responsibility.


The budget is at an impasse with an impending government shut-down. Obama’s only contribution here was an irresponsible, reckless and disingenuous plan adding $1.7 billion to the deficit just in one year.

Effective unemployment is over 10% and underemployment is around 20%. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering … while Obama parties and cavorts.

Revolutions and uprisings are occurring all over the Mideast and thousands are being slaughtered in Libya. Egypt. Tunisia. Bahrain. Saudia Arabia. Obama is “monitoring” the situations.

Iran continues developing nuclear weapon capabilities and is exporting and subsidizing terrorism. Obama is not home right now.

A nuclear apocalypse may be evolving in Japan. Obama has said little.

The list goes on…

This “president” is a disaster for America and the world.

More vehemence need be expressed and effective actions taken against him to rectify these situations.

The White House Disengages
Investor’s Business Daily  03/15/2011

Leadership: When Democrats held Congress, the Obama agenda was audacious. Today, faced with global unrest and an economic reckoning, the president is filling out basketball brackets and scolding school bullies.

'There is only one president," Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., told Politico this week, when asked if President Obama should be exercising leadership toward reforming America's out-of-control entitlement spending programs, such as Medicare and Social Security.

The soothsayer famously told Julius Caesar to "beware the ides of March." One of the priority items for Obama on Tuesday, March 15, was taping his picks for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Last week, the president and the first lady were holding a "White House Conference on Bullying Prevention," at which he recalled being taunted because of "big ears and the name that I have." He lamented recent youthful suicides, such as those of Ty Field and Carl Walker-Hoover.

We can't just accept that "kids will be kids," Obama insisted, citing data showing that many American students have been "pushed, shoved, tripped, even spit on."

Then, of course, there is the partying. Late last month, the president and first lady treated themselves to an East Room concert by Smokey Robinson, Sheryl Crow, comedian Jamie Foxx and others. At previous soirees, the Obama White House has hosted Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and even a cavalcade of stars from Broadway shows.

And let's not forget former Beatle Paul McCartney being flown in from England to sing "Michelle" to the first lady and attack President George W. Bush from the East Room stage.

As House Speaker John Boehner's office has pointed out, when Democrats were running Congress and Obama's legacy was at stake, the president "went 'all in' to push through his job-crushing health care law."

Now, after historic elections in which the voters were so troubled by the Democrats' trillions of dollars in new spending that they turned over the House to the Republicans, Obama chooses to play small ball.

The president plans new spending of $8.7 trillion, which would add over $7 trillion to the national debt during the coming decade. At more than three-fourths of the entire U.S. economy, this spending comes to nearly twice the debt that plagued us before the recession.

Yet as the federal government goes deeper into debt but keeps expanding, we have a president using the bully pulpit to generate enthusiasm for Washington bureaucrats supervising kids' elementary school recess. Instead of videotaping basketball picks, why isn't Obama working hard to find common ground with House Republicans as they craft proposals for the fundamental reform of Medicare and Medicaid?

There can be no budget balancing without reduced Medicare and Social Security benefits, and everyone knows it. But members of Congress from both parties won't embrace cuts or raise the retirement age absent presidential leadership. So where is it?

If we're to believe what White House aides have again and again told the press, one of this president's favorite maxims is, "Let's not play small ball." But what Obama is doing now is chapter and verse out of the Bill Clinton manual on triangulation — and its ultimate purpose is his own political self-preservation.

Clinton fought urban crime by funding midnight basketball tournaments and emptily promising 100,000 new police. He "reformed" public education by requiring school uniforms. And he "cleaned up" the culture by requiring TVs to have V-chips — which surveys show hardly any parents ever use.

The Japan earthquakes are threatening the nuclear power renaissance this president promised, the U.S. is impotent as the Mideast burns and Islamist terrorists wait to exploit the instability, and our still-tepid economy remains threatened by out-of-control entitlements.

Conrad says "there is only one president." But where is he? And how many more Democrats will it take to get him to step up and fulfill his responsibilities.


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