Feb 27

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin: The Antithesis of Obama

The antithesis of Obama. A breath of fresh air. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Already, he sounds far more sincere, knowledgeable, articulate and charismatic than virtually any other Republican politician out there who may have a chance at the Presidential nomination in 2012. Presently, he claims not to be ready nor have ambitions at this time.

Rep. Paul Ryan may be our best hope of the theoretical Republican Presidential candidates. (The other consideration is Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey who has expressed similar sentiments as those of Ryan.)


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Dec 24

Strict Gun Control Laws Have A Lot Of Downside

The article below details the outrageous arrest, conviction and sentencing of a man who was found to have to unloaded guns in his car which were legally purchased and properly stored. Unfortunately for him, this occurred in liberal N.J. which has among the nation’s most stringent gun control law. Luckily, N.J. Governor Chris Christie was apprised of the absurdity of this case and commuted the sentence.

Such strict gun control laws may ostensibly be in direct conflict with our Second Amendment rights. Furthermore, research has consistently and irrefutably shown that states in which such laws are enacted have a statistically higher crime rate.

We must vigilantly protect our right to bear arms. In many nations it has been this right which has protected the citizenry from oppressive and tyrannical governments.

Christie Commutes Sentence of Man Serving 7 Years for Transporting Legal Guns
Jonathon M. Seidl       December 21, 2010

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has commuted the sentence of a man sentenced to seven years in prison for transporting guns he owned legally.

27-year-old Brian Aitken was arrested, charged, and convicted in 2009 after his mother called 911 (but hung up), worried that he was distraught over not being able to spend time with his son and was considering suicide.

Police eventually traced the call and found Aitken. And when they did, they also found two unloaded handguns in his his trunk, which he owned legally. The guns were there, he says, because he was in the process of moving.

That apparently didn’t matter.

“This case is the perfect storm of injustice,” Aitken’s attorney, Evan Nappen, told the Daily Caller last month.

Now it seems Christie agrees. On Monday the governor commuted Aitkens sentence to time already served and ordered him released as soon as it’s “administratively possible.”

The Daily Caller reports:

New Jersey law requires residents who want to transport firearms legally to request a permit from a local law enforcement office and produce a letter stating why it is necessary for them to carry a gun.

Aitken’s attorney argued that his client was innocent of any offense because the firearms were legally purchased (at a Bass Pro Shop), properly stored, and unloaded. And though New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, Aitken’s attorney said his client did not violate any law because he was in the middle of moving residences between two states.

Nonetheless, Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison in August. His supporters say the judge refused to accept evidence supporting his defense. He was convicted of the same kind of felony a criminal who had bought guns with intent to commit a crime would have faced.

Aitken moved from Colorado, where gun laws are much more reasonable, to New Jersey after separating from his wife in 2008. His original plan was to be closer to his son. Now that seems possible.


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Sep 3

Is New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, Today’s Ronald Reagan?

New Jersey’s new Governor, Chris Christie, has become somewhat of a political folk hero and a forceful and charismatic rising star with his no nonsense approach to dealing with political issues that affect the state’s voters. He is not afraid to take on any opponent in order to protect the interests of the voters and improve the economic welfare of the state.

Many YouTube videos capture his unique, challenging and fearless style which he deploys with precision and prudence to serve as the paladin of New Jersey’s taxpayers.

Many now compare him to Ronald Reagan. You may want to watch some of the YouTube videos of him.

Christie Channels Reagan to Become Anti-Obama
Kevin Hassett    Aug 29, 2010

With all the crazy talk of President Barack Obama being the antichrist, it’s sort of amusing that the anti-Obama is a guy named Christie.

To understand the political force sweeping our country, one need only search the words “Chris Christie” on YouTube. The New Jersey governor’s town hall appearances have received hundreds of thousands of hits and glowing comments because the man, like Ronald Reagan before him, has an uncanny ear for what troubles Americans.

The truth is, a mensch like Christie could never have emerged in American politics if super-slick Obama had not enraged so many Americans first. If Jimmy Carter created Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama created Chris Christie.

Americans put their faith in a cocky Obama who wowed “The View” crowd in a bathing suit. But he gave us a government that didn’t know its own boundaries, defied common sense and fueled anxieties in post-financial crash America. Now the people of New Jersey have put their faith in a man who looks like the rest of us in a bathing suit.

Democrats might like to believe that the backlash embodied in the Tea Party movement is nothing more than a carnival of fools, headed for nowhere. But Christie is in touch with the national sense of unease that animates the Tea Party movement, and at town hall-type gatherings he has shown a grittiness that as drama surpasses the best reality TV shows.

Small Town

On June 15th, Christie appeared at a town hall meeting in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The crowd assembled was hardly a stereotypical BMW-driving Republican audience, looking like a group that could represent any small town in America

One senses that these Americans rarely gather all in one place, and that when they do, the gravity of the moment is palpable to them. And then Christie says, “our way of life is being challenged by an economy where we have too much debt, too big a government, too much spending and taxes being too high. We all know it in our hearts…we all understand that the day of reckoning is here.” And while he speaks, the people gather -- even Wilda Diaz, the Democratic mayor, seem to nod in agreement.

As Christie concludes that the people in that room have a chance, that “we are going to be the people who fixed New Jersey’s problems,” the audience members have the same look on their faces that the troops have in the old war movies, just as Sarge tells them that they probably will not succeed, but they are going to charge up the hill and attack the machine gun nest anyway.

Angry Teachers

And attack he does. One of Christie’s most popular YouTube moments is a confrontation with an angry teacher, who upbraids him for not paying her enough. When Christie replies that if she doesn’t like the pay package “then you don’t have to do it,” the crowd cheers like the Giants just scored a touchdown.

Whether the New Jersey governor becomes a genuine national political phenomenon will depend on his fixing at least some of what ails the state. The task is a big one. After defeating Democratic incumbent, Jon Corzine, Christie inherited a budget deficit of $2.2 billion, which was projected to expand to $10.7 billion next year -- 28 percent of the budget.

But Christie seems to be on the right path. Following the Reagan playbook, Christie has shunned higher taxes, which are already stratospheric in New Jersey, and has attacked the state’s expenditures. In the first six months of his tenure, he has eliminated roughly $13 billion in planned spending by enacting a wide range of freezes and cuts. These included reducing aid to schools and municipalities by $820 million and $466 million respectively, and forgoing a $3 billion contribution to state pensions.

Funding Cuts

Christie’s cuts to school funding have earned him the enmity of the state teachers’ union, with 200,000 members. The governor asked teachers to agree to a one-year salary freeze and to kick in 1.5 percent of their pay to help fund their health care insurance -- most of the state’s teachers don’t contribute to their plans.

Teachers in many school districts refused. As he had threatened during discussions with the unions, Christie called on constituents to vote down local school board budgets that didn’t conform to his requests. Christie won the public fight. A surprising 58 percent of proposed budgets were defeated, making it the largest number of rejections on state record.

Just as Reagan did in 1981, when he faced off with the air traffic controllers union, Christie called the bluff and seems to have won.

Reagan became on overwhelming political force because of his ability to appeal to audiences beyond his natural constituency, as Christie did at that Perth Amboy gathering. Christie clearly has the same knack, and will become an irresistible political force if New Jersey can recover.

It is an open question whether it will, but if it does, then the Republican Party may have found a real star.

(Kevin Hassett, director of economic-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, is a Bloomberg News columnist.)


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Jun 10

N.J. Governor Chris Christie Refreshingly Protecting Taxpayers and Willing to Take On Unions and Special Interests

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn’t pull any punches in his speeches. In his staunch support for the citizens/taxpayers of the state, he is not afraid to take on anyone, including unions and organizations, in his efforts to cut taxes, improve education, eradicate corruption and pernicious influences, etc. He exudes unwavering probity, righteousness, and commitment in his “mission”.

This is quite refreshing in a politician.

Governor Chris Christie gives remarks regarding teachers and the teachers Union, the NJEA during a Town Hall Meeting in Robbinsville, NJ.

Christie explained that his fight is not against teachers. It is against the NJEA. Christie cited this stat: a teacher who is in the union, pays $730 a year to join. If a teacher doesn’t want to join the union, they pay 85% of the $730 per year, to not join. Christie said:

“It’s like the Hotel California. You can check in anytime, but you can never leave.”

That money raises $130 million a year to pay for lobbyists, to stare down the legislature. They also spend the money, as well as tax payer money from NJ residents from property taxes and other taxes to buy ads attacking the governor.

Christie compares the NJEA to the school bully. Said other governors run scared of the bully. While the parents and tax payers are the ones bleeding on the ground from all the money they pay to the NJEA. But Christie said he’s not running scared instead he said:

“You punch them, I punch you.”


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May 26

New Jersey Governor Christie Is The Governor of “No” – No New Taxes and No More Reckless Government Spending

America needs a President and Congress full of individuals like New Jersey Gov. Christie who is willing and able to take on the Tax and Spend Democrats.
He is a champion for the average American and all taxpayers.

'Millionaires tax' bills pass both houses, but are vetoed by Gov. Christie


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May 17

Real Leadership: New Jersey Republican Governor Christopher Christie

Gov Christie exhibiting leadership, principles and decisiveness


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