Mar 21

Congressional Democrats Despicably and Cynically Hid $105 Billion in Obamacare For Later Usage

Consistent with the criminal and arrogant behavior of the Democrats while they held the American public hostage during their unopposed reign, $105 billion had been corruptly hidden in the Obamacare legislation. It was only recently exposed by the perspicacious Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.–MN) who these same Democrats have belittled with their misogynist attacks.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Representing far more than pocket change, the Democrats stealthily attempted to facilitate implementation of their programs later in time with pre-set financial arrangements. They buried these issues in disparate sections of the bill in smaller amounts in hopes of averting detection.

The contempt for Americans by Obama and these Congressional Democrats seems to know no bounds. They need to be held accountable for their egregious actions.

We must remember this as one more reason to seek their defeats in their next election.

Hidden $105 Bil In ObamaCare Is A Fat Target
Phyllis Schlafly 03/15/2011

Michele Bachmann has again demonstrated her extraordinary leadership by discovering $105 billion of taxpayers' money that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi had hidden in ObamaCare.

Now, Rep. Bachmann, R-Minn., wants her colleagues to refuse to pass must-pass bills, such as the Continuing Resolution or raising the debt limit, unless they include recapturing that secret money. What a great idea!

After all, the new Congress was elected last November to cut spending and put the federal government back within the bounds of the Constitution. The new members promised not only to cut overall spending but specifically to repeal and defund ObamaCare. Michele showed them where to start.

When ObamaCare was passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve of 2009, senators had less than 72 hours to compare a 383-page package of amendments to the 2,074-page bill. Public outrage over back-room deals (such as the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase) led to the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Democrats then cooked up a plan to link the now-2,409-page Senate-passed ObamaCare bill to dozens of amendments contained in a separate 150-page Budget Reconciliation bill that could pass both houses by a simple majority. That's when then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously told the then-Democratic majority, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

When President Obama signed ObamaCare into law, that set in motion a series of funding triggers and money transfers that add up to $105,464,000,000 in pre-authorized appropriations that are scheduled to be paid up through fiscal 2019. In laymen's language, that means writing postdated checks that are guaranteed to be paid out over the next eight years.

This money was divided into dozens of smaller amounts so the big total would not be apparent. For example, Section 2953 of ObamaCare included a pre-funded appropriation of $75 million a year for five years to "educate adolescents" in "adult preparation subjects" such as "stress management" and "the development of healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, racial and ethnic diversity, and other related subjects."

Section 4101(a) of ObamaCare prefunded $200 million a year over four years for the construction of school-based health centers. In Section 4002, a total of $17,750,000,000 will be deposited over 10 years to a discretionary account controlled by the HHS secretary (now Kathleen Sebelius), who may spend that money "to provide for expanded and sustained national investment in prevention" and to "help restrain the rate of growth in private and public-sector health care costs."

At a hearing before the House health subcommittee, former Rep. Ernest Istook, R-Okla., likened ObamaCare to a 2,700-page haystack in which a lot of needles are still being discovered. He urged Congress to place a stop-payment order on the massive postdated checks hidden in ObamaCare.

The Pelosi bunch's strategy was devious and highhanded. They bypassed the customary appropriations process and prefunded ObamaCare on passage, knowing that House rules would restrict a future Congress from defunding an already enacted law.

This makes it more difficult for Congress to deal with, but not impossible. Congress will both have to include the defunding language in the FY2011 Continuing Resolution and also pass a rule that makes this defunding language OK under House rules.

There is not only adequate precedent for this procedure, but it also is common sense. Congress, in its constitutional role, can completely stop this secret funding of discretionary funds.

What Pelosi did was like setting up a way to pay your monthly utility bills online out of your bank checking account. Each new date triggers the bank to pay the bill out of your bank account.

ObamaCare is very similar. The law Congress passed without reading it lists the dates up to 2019 on which payments totaling $105 billion are to be paid out of the U.S. Treasury.

Bachmann and Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, are asking colleagues to join them in signing a letter to the House leadership stating that the $105 billion in postdated checks drawn on the U.S. Treasury must be stopped at once by including the necessary language in the continuing resolution.

It is an insult to the U.S. Constitution, which gives the House the power to originate all revenue bills, and to current and future Congresses, for ObamaCare to try to handcuff Congress in regard to future appropriations up through 2019.

We're lucky Bachmann is smart enough to figure out the cost of the secret money in ObamaCare. One of the smartest members of Congess, she used to be a tax attorney.


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Mar 20

Unctuous Rep. Anthony Weiner: A Lot More Democrats Like Him in Congress

For all those who have listened to the repetitious canards from Rep. Weiner from N.Y. - you know that it is quite painful. He is an unctuous personality who confabulates in order to spew and support the Liberal agenda. Unfortunately, the Senate and House are populated by numerous other members like him that need to be removed when they are up for re-election.

Charles Schumer. Barney Frank. Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid. Barbara Boxer. Henry Waxman. Maxine Waters. Charlie Rangel. Etc.


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Dec 5

Michele Bachmann Also Calls For Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign

Unfortunately, we are reminded of the breadth and magnitude of Attorney General Eric Holder’s ineptness nearly every day which places our country at ever increasing risk for terrorism and global disparagement from foes as well as friends and paints us more like a country devolving into a banana republic. Add to this his contemptuous attitude to non-minority Americans, (reverse) racist philosophy and enforcing unequal justice based on race and we have an odious situation which must be rectified expeditiously.

For quite a long time , we have been calling for him to be removed from office by whatever means necessary – preferably by his resignation or firing by Obama (see most recent one: Attorney General Eric Holder Must Be Fired). Increasingly, many prominent politicians and other individuals are also denouncing his actions and incompetence and publicly calling his ouster (see commentary below by Rep. Michele Bachmann).

It is abundantly clear, however, that the probability of Holder resigning or being fired by Obama is as remote as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton admitting to their roles as opportunist racist demagogues.

It just won’t happen - yet. They are both peas from the same pod: arrogant, self-righteous, ideologically radical left, racist and place their self interests far ahead of those of this country.


Time For Attorney General Eric Holder To Resign
Rep. Michele Bachmann   December 2, 2010

The Wikileaks debacle is the latest proof that Eric Holder has no understanding of the dangerous times we live in. His ineptness, as head of the Department of Justice, is putting our nation in a vulnerable position.

Earlier this week, the Wikileaks website jeopardized our nation’s security and diplomacy by releasing hundreds of thousands of U.S. State Department documents. The same site put our troops at risk when it released thousands of classified U.S. military documents in July. As far back as March, the Pentagon declared Wikileaks to be a threat to national security. Meanwhile, the Attorney General, our nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has been busy cracking down on dozens of websites that sold things like counterfeit purses. Eric Holder simply has the wrong priorities.

During his tenure as Attorney General, Holder short-circuited the interrogation of the underwear bomber by ordering that the terror suspect be given Miranda rights within the first hour of questioning. Holder’s use of civilian trials for terror suspects proved to be a failure last month when a civilian jury acquitted a man on 284 of 285 counts. This was after a judge refused to allow the testimony of a key prosecution witness, even though our military had captured the suspect after a gunfight in Pakistan and linked him to deadly bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

Eric Holder has also had a slew of lesser problems, like his outspoken criticism of Arizona’s immigration law before he had even read the law, his dropping of charges in the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, and his failure to investigate fraud allegations and the misuse of taxpayer dollars in the recent Pigford claims settlement.

The time has come for Eric Holder to step down as Attorney General of the United States. As a member of Congress and a mother of five children, I am concerned about the very real threats facing our country. We need a chief law enforcement officer who understands those dangers and knows how to respond.


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Mar 19

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) Suggests Impeachment of Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has been a resolute and outspoken critic of Obama and his policies and the actions of the Democrat controlled Congress. Outraged by the immoral, depraved and illegal actions of Nancy Pelosi, she has suggested that her impeachment would be an appropriate action.

We must show Michele Bachmann our support and appreciation for her unwavering dedication and willingness to vigorously stand up for the American people against a hostile Congress and vindictive, scathing press by sending letters and e-mails.

Bachmann Rips Media for Not Covering Deem and Pass; Suggests Pelosi Impeachment Warranted
By Jeff Poor 03/17/2010

The latest maneuvering by congressional Democrats to make their brand of health care reform a reality has a lot of Washington, D.C. insiders scratching their heads and unable to forecast what is around the bend when it comes to this legislation.

But have the media completely dropped the ball and that is allowing those in power to circumvent constitutional process? According to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., they have. She had some harsh words for the fourth estate on conservative talker Sean Hannity's March 16 radio show.

"Well yeah and the other thing is treason media," Bachmann said. "Where is the mainstream media in all of this not telling this story? This is a compelling story - that the Speaker of the House would even consider having us pass a bill that no one votes on?"

According to Bachmann, this is such an egregious maneuver by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to force through health care reform using the Slaughter Rule, as known as deem and pass , that it warrants her impeachment from the post.

"That should laugh her out of the House and there should be people that are calling for impeachment off of something like this," Bachmann continued. "That's how bad this is. I mean, trust me - Dennis Hastert could have never gotten away with this. President Bush never could have gotten away with it."

But if anything, Bachmann contended this could be a teachable moment in civics for the country. She explained this is what happens when a one-party dominant rule occurs - an abuse of power and the trampling of the United States Constitution.

"And that's why this is a very useful example to all of us about growing up and being serious and knowing how valuable and important our country is and the value of election," Bachmann said. "That's what we've learned about the value of this last election with one-party dominance and rule. And this is how they view our most precious, sacred document - the Constitution? They're going to ignore it? No."


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