Nov 11

Healthcare Reform and Fiscal Realities

The following insightful editorial written by Sen. Tom Coburn (R. – OK) and Representative Paul Ryan (R. – WI.) exposes the fallacies of the Democrats’ rhetoric and numbers as well as the multitude of dangers that the healthcare reform legislation poses to the average American. They write:

“The current reform product does not meet the test of either real reform or fiscal responsibility. Nor does it represent the best of both parties. It represents the frustrated ideological ambitions of one party that believes the way to pull the welfare state back from bankruptcy is by expanding it.”

Addressing just the financial aspects of the bill and the liabilities that it engenders, they note that:

“What is at stake in this process is not merely a lower standard of living for future generations, but a decline of freedom at home and abroad. We are risking our own national economic stability and security if we continue — through excessive borrowing — to hand potential adversaries leverage over our foreign and domestic policy.”

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