Apr 26

Conservatives Must Vociferously and Relentlessly Oppose Obama, Progressives and Their Agendas

In the following call to arms, conservative Lloyd Marcus exhorts all of us to vociferously oppose Obama, Progressives and their anti-American, anti-freedom and big government agenda. Being politically correct or silent will not allow us to obtain our goals. We must be fearless and relentless in our attempts to oust Obama and the Democrats in Congress (and elsewhere).

Tea Party David Vs. Two-Headed Goliath
Lloyd Marcus April 23, 2011

On the O'Reilly Factor TV show, Dennis Miller was asked his thoughts regarding the media's response to Obama's numerous flip flops.  Miller said the media will report whatever Obama does in a positive light.
We patriots are well aware of the liberal media's love affair with Obama.  And yet, for some reason, the reality of Miller's comment hit me hard right between the eyes.  I thought, "Oh my gosh. This is not funny. Our country is in serious trouble."

Not only must we defeat the Obama administration, we must take on and defeat the liberal mainstream media as well; take on the two powerful well-funded entities committed to the fundamental transformation of America. Lord, help us!

Patriots, we can, will and must defeat this two headed evil Goliath.  Despite the left's shock and awe public relations slanderous attacks on the tea party and our candidates, we took the House of Representatives.  Thus proving, they can be beaten!

I am so sick of advisors cautioning us conservatives to walk on eggshells when dealing with the liberal media.  It has even been suggested that we stop using the term "tea party" due to the negative image created by the media.

Patriots, even if we change our name to the "Happy Go Lucky Nice People Movement," we will still be targeted for destruction by the media.  What part of they hate us and want us to fail do our advisors not understand?  The liberal media is going to put a negative spin on whatever we say.

Now, am I advocating saying stupid provocative things?  Of course not.  I am advocating fearlessly and aggressively attacking Obama's horrific record.  Call out the liberal media on their biased reporting.  Stop allowing the Democrats and their media minions to set the rules of engagement.  Patriots, the stakes are far too high to wimp out foolishly seeking approval from those actively pursuing our total destruction.

Again, I say, what do we have to lose by confronting the democrats and the liberal media?  They are going to trash us regardless.

Yes, they will call you a racist.  I say this in love: "Get over it."  Throughout U.S. history many have suffered far greater and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Why?  Because America is worth it.

Tons of articles have been written calling me a stupid self loathing n****r, an Uncle Tom, a tea party minstrel, a traitor, a sellout, and a clown.  It all rolls off my back.  I know I am on the right side.  So, why should I care what evil stupid people say or think of me?  But most of all, my strength and peace comes through knowing God is with us and America is worth it.

Like little David in the Bible, we must boldly confront the two headed Goliath, Obama administration/liberal media.

Why do you think Trump and Palin are doing so well in the polls?  Both are boldly and unapologetically takin' it to Obama and are not kowtowing to the liberal media.  Patriots are frustrated with Republicans pandering and trying to "play nice" with a Democratic Party and liberal media who are relentlessly and viciously attempting to kill us politically.  The Democrats and the liberal media take no prisoners.

Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats and liberal media will tell you who they fear most by the intensity of their attacks.  Who have been numbers one, two, and three on the Democrats' and liberal media's list?  Answer: Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party.  Brothers and sisters, we can beat them!

How do we defeat them?  In addition to ceasing to fear Obama and his liberal media co-conspirators, we must continue doing what we have been doing.  Patriots must continue following their passion and using their gifts and talents wherever needed in our extraordinary divinely inspired Tea Party Movement.

We are blessed with great minds on our side; patriots are writing books, organizing and conceiving various strategies to take back our country.

While some lament that we lack a central leadership organization or charismatic leader, I am grateful for all of our numerous patriot groups and committed individuals.  Each is driven to politically defeat Obama in its own way.  Their spirit is the tea party.

Just as God's grace guided David's stone to topple Goliath, our stone of truth, honor, and freedom will hit its mark and bring down the two headed evil Goliath of the liberal media and the Obama regime in 2012.


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Mar 15

Obama’s Racist Accusations and Commentaries Is Pure Evil and Destructive

The following scathing commentary by Lloyd Marcus, a fairly well known conservative and a spokesperson for the Tea Party who happens to be black, rebukes Obama on his unwarranted and irresponsible racist vitriol and overt divisiveness. The “president’s” relentless race based commentary is fomenting racial strife and antipathy, further dividing our nation. Whether this is being done partly to advance his socialist agenda is not entirely clear.

Regardless, this speaks volumes of a man who has shown himself to be evil, racist, criminal, tyrannical and narcissistic (and much more or is that less?).

Obama Calling Tea Party Racist Reveals A Far More Disturbing Reality
Lloyd Marcus   March 10, 2011

Please consider the validity of what I am about to say rather than having a knee jerk reaction dismissing it as being "over the top." Folks, we have an irresponsible egocentric evil man occupying the Oval Office.

The Democrats and the liberal mainstream media sold the American people on Obama, "the man."  Despite Obama's zero experience at running anything, they said a leader with his spirit and heart was "what we have been waiting for".

Fearful of criticizing our first black president, politicians politely say, "President Obama's policies have been unfruitful," while ignoring the huge elephant in America's living room.

The elephant of which I speak and America's major problem is "Obama, the man"; socialist, divisive and evil.

My dad says a snake can stay under water a very long time just like a fish. But eventually, it must come up for air. Why? Because, it is not a fish. It is a snake. Obama continues to come up for air revealing his true self.

President Obama said the Tea Party is racist. That's the unmistakable meaning of his statement that race is a "key component" of Tea Party protests. The liberal media, NAACP and Democrats have been relentlessly promoting this same baseless allegation. When final confirmation comes down from the highest office in the land, the Oval Office, that the Tea Party is racist; the allegation becomes "official" in the minds of millions. President Obama is slandering millions of decent hard working Americans who simply disagree with his progressive/socialist agenda.

Think of the repercussions. Obama's indictment of the Tea Party will birth tremendous racial discord across America in schools, churches, and civic life.  Obama's proclamation will cause Americans to double down on their already extreme caution when criticizing our black president.  Sadly, I suspect such intimidation is a part of Obama's plan; anything to empower his mission to "fundamentally transform America."

Make no mistake about it, Obama and company have successfully intimidated many white Americans into not dissing the black president in public.

I stopped in a fast food restaurant for a burger. Around fifteen white seniors were having lunch. I overheard them ranting about Obama's overreaches and socialist policies. Upon seeing me, a black man, they became silent. I was tempted to say, "Please continue, I whole-heartedly agree with you!" Too bad they did not notice my Tea Party Express t-shirt.

Barack Hussein Obama received more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history. So Obama alleging millions of Tea Party patriots are simply upset because America elected a black president is disingenuous, absurd and manipulative.

Obama is exploiting his race and sacrificing national race relations solely to implement his progressive/socialist agenda. Callously and strategically, the President of the United States is pitting millions of black and white Americans against each other. Lord help us, that is pure evil.

Quoting deceased make-up legend, Mary Kay, "Leadership spreads from the top down."

A fine black young adult whom I have known for years has always appeared to be racially color blind.  He idolizes Obama.  Suddenly, I have noticed this kid beginning to view everything through a racial lens. His latest absurd statement, "Friends" is a racist TV show because there are no black cast members."

While I admit this example is anecdotal, I suspect Obama's divisiveness is inspiring millions of Americans to choose sides along racial lines.

Before knowing the facts, Obama immediately assumed the white police officer was guilty of racial profiling in the Professor Gates case.  This suggests Obama has racial emotional baggage.  Such a luxury cannot be afforded the president of "all Americans."

Obama is not who most Americans thought he was and is exactly who the liberal mainstream media hoped he would be: their Great Black Hope for implementing their progressive/socialist agenda.

They will do whatever it takes to protect Obama; ignoring his character flaws, lawlessness, deceptions and lies. If Obama says two plus two equals five, the liberal media will defend it as being the "New Math."  We cannot trust the liberal media to tell us the truth regarding Obama.

Obama's inauguration brought tears to the eyes of millions of Americans. Blacks are only 12% of our nation's population, which means it took many million white votes to put Obama in the Oval Office. Thus, most of the American tears of joy were white.

President Obama is fully aware of this truth.

Obama willfully dividing Americans by exploiting his race for political gain is a despicable betrayal of the whites who elected him. But even more disturbing, it reveals the true character of the man running our country. America deserves much, much better.

"One Million People To Defeat Barack Obama 2012". Please join us!
Please sign and encourage your friends to sign this petition at
Spokesperson & Entertainer of Tea Party Movement & Tea Party Express.
The American Tea  Party Anthem cd/album.
Confessions of a Black Conservative, written by Lloyd Marcus & foreword by Michelle Malkin
President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors)
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Feb 24

Several Republican Governors, Representatives and Senators Are Showing Firm, Principled Leadership and Fighting For Us and US

Republican Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mitch Daniels of Indiana are showing firm, principled leadership in their respective states in support of their citizens and taxpayers. They embody the antithesis of the inept, impotent, radical, pro-union, anti-American “”president” Obama.

These Governors are fighting for fiscal responsibility and solvency of their states (for their taxpayers) and often face brutal, unwarranted attacks by Democrats and those on the Left including the news media and are risking political suicide. Obama, as evidenced by his wholly craven and irresponsible 2012 budget, is either trying to buy votes for 2012, seeks to undermine the financial underpinnings of America, is intellectually devoid of economic theory and its applications - or a combination of these (all 3 we believe).

We need to offer these Republicans as well as several of those in Congress such as Rep. Paul Ryan our full support such as by sending supportive emails, writing the local papers, calling talk radio and even attending and offering our services and time to the local Tea Party and/or Republican Party.

Finally, we have some politicians who are there for us, defending our interests.

Daniels and Christie Light Fuse Under GOP Lawmakers
Michael Barone 2/21/2011

As congressional Republicans mull whether to address the government's long-term fiscal problems -- House Republican leaders are being pushed by the 87 freshmen to do so, while some Senate Republicans are seeking some bipartisan accords with Democratic colleagues -- two Republican governors barreled into Washington with the message that the lawmakers better get moving. And that congressional Republicans might do just fine politically if they do.

The two Republican governors are Mitch Daniels of Indiana, who spoke to a Conservative Political Action Committee dinner Feb. 11, and Chris Christie of New Jersey, who spoke at American Enterprise Institute (where I am a resident fellow) on Feb. 16.

In style, they're a contrast. Daniels is slight, balding and spoke quietly from a carefully prepared text. Christie is large and spoke bombastically without notes. But in substance, they were much the same.

They were both mightily concerned with what Daniels called "the red menace" -- "the debts our nation has amassed for itself over decades of indulgence." He warned that "federal spending commitments now in place will bring about the leviathan state" and "the slippage of the United States into a gray parity with the other nations of this earth."

The response, he said, must be "the creation of new Social Security and Medicare compacts" that "reserve their funds for those most in need of them." And "our morbidly obese federal government needs not just behavior modification but bariatric surgery."

Daniels also called for changes in taxes, regulation and energy policy, and he roiled some conservatives by saying that defense shouldn't get a free pass. He roiled others by ignoring the cultural issues on which he suggested last June we should have a "truce."

But his central message was that Republicans must address entitlements -- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Which Barack Obama conspicuously failed to do in the budget plan he released a few days after Daniels' speech.

Christie was less elegant and even more blunt than his Hoosier colleague. Drawing on his struggles with New Jersey's public employee unions over pensions and benefits, he turned to national issues.

"My children's future and your children's future are more important than political strategy," he began. "You're going to have to raise the retirement age for Social Security. Whoa, I just said it, and I'm still standing here. I did not vaporize.

"We have to reform Medicare because it costs too much and it is going to bankrupt us. Once again, lightning did not come through the windows and strike me dead. And we have to fix Medicaid because it's not only bankrupting the federal government, it's bankrupting every state government."

Obama, he said, was offering "the candy of American politics" -- high-speed rail, plug-in cars -- and congressional Republicans so far haven't offered much more. If those he campaigned for don't, he said, "the next time they'll see me in their district is with my arm around their primary opponent."

Washington insiders and old-timers tend to think Republicans would be foolish to heed Daniels' and Christie's advice. Talking about entitlements is supposed to be the third rail of American politics.

"I don't think it's fatal," Christie said. "You just have to have the spine to take the lead," and if you ask for shared sacrifice and don't let people game the system, voters will respond.

Daniels and Christie both said that in traveling around their states they get the sense that voters support their major policy changes and are ready for more. The political numbers tend to back them up.

Daniels was elected to a second term in 2008 by a 58 percent to 40 percent margin, even as Barack Obama was carrying the state. In 2010, Republicans transformed the Indiana House from 52-48 Democratic to 60-40 Republican, and their margin in the state Senate is 37-13.

In the popular vote for U.S. House of Representatives, a good proxy for national partisan sentiment, Republicans in Indiana led 56 percent to 39 percent in 2010, up 10 points from 2008.

Daniels and Christie have been in the trenches, facing opposition legislatures, addressing fundamental issues and getting results voters like. Are congressional Republicans listening?


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Feb 23

American Government Is Becoming Tyrannical Under Obama

“Contempt for the people and their just laws are the hallmarks of tyranny.”

What an insightful, succinct statement (from the following article)! And also quite apropos for the present.


Because this is what we are witnessing in Washington now unlike any time in our past since the founding of our nation. We have had arrogant, unpleasant Presidents and politicians in the past but they all pale to our present perfect storm of the contemptuous and pathologically narcissistic “president” Obama, Congressional Democrats and the complicit news media (which years ago actually defended the people from the wicked, corrupt politicians).

America is turning into a tyranny and honest, hardworking Americans have become the victims.

This needs to stop or the next solution is a Second American Revolution. Like what has been occurring in Egypt. And against the rest of the Arab autocrats in the Middle East.

Short of this, the Tea Parties are our best hope and so are the brave and increasingly resolute Republicans in Congress, particularly the ones supported by the Tea Parties and the more conservative ones like Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Rand Paul.

We must pledge them our support, time and money if we are to save our nation. This will also be for our children, grandchildren and so on.

We must also become politically involved and serve as individual mouthpieces for freedom and small government.

Or we will become slaves by proxy of a corrupt, disdainful and omnipotent Big Brother Central Government.

This must never happen!

Thus Ever Are Tyrants
Jim Mahoney  February 19, 2011

Contempt for the people and their just laws are the hallmarks of tyranny.  When the tyrant looks out upon the masses he bestrides, he doesn't see people; he sees objects to be manipulated, mulcted and molested.  The sacred trust binding the people and their government means nothing to the tyrant.  At best, it's merely an obstacle to his objective.

Because he has no kinship with the people, he feels as free to poach and plunder them as any other criminal.  Having the power of the state at his disposal there is no limit to his predation.

A free people, recognizing that the tyrant reflects the corrupt state of all men, wisely hem in their governments with rules.  Wherever possible they diffuse power away from individuals.  Separation of powers, like the rest of our Constitution, reflects a wise suspicion of fallen human nature.

Only people who acknowledge man's inherent corruption as an immutable truth will ever be free.  Only people humble enough to recognize their own failings will ever accept restraint.  Consequently, these are the only people who will ever voluntarily submit themselves to the rule of law.   They are also the only people fit to lead a free society.

A tyrant, on the other hand, is as sure of his own perfection as he is certain that no limits apply to him.  No law will ever contain him.  If a people are to remain free, their only hope is to keep him away from power.

Perhaps this is why, when Ben Franklin emerged from the constitutional convention in 1787, he famously told the woman that the delegates gave birth to a "republic, if you can keep it."  Understanding human nature as well as he did, his wisdom may have given him a glimpse into the future.  Sadly, for much of the following two centuries, Americans failed miserably to meet to his challenge.

Today, America's elite culture is a squalid sludge of contempt.  It is the perfect media for breeding tyrants.  As with other forms of rot, our tyranny grew and developed unnoticed.  The sudden rise of the Tea Party is akin to a man awakening to realize he has been feeding the termites threatening to collapse his home.

Stampeded by a series of shocking events, followed by a flurry of dubious laws justified by hazy reasoning, frightened Americans allowed tyranny to grow unchecked at a blistering rate.  The freedoms we enjoyed a scant 15 years ago are now a dim memory.  Today we meekly submit to laws permitting sneak and peak searches, no knock warrants, and high tech invasions of our persons that would turn any Red commissar green with envy.

Does anyone remember that just 15 years ago Americans were free to travel in their own country without showing identity papers?    Does anyone seriously think these intrusions will stop growing on their own?

Sadly they are all transgressions that anyone reading the Constitution can plainly see are forbidden.  Yet somehow in the sludge of the elite mind they are justified: destroying our freedom is necessary to protect "freedom".  Battered daily with messages of panic and despair, the land of the free and home of the brave has been transformed something different altogether.

Every one of these abuses arises from a fundamental contempt for free people and the rule of law that protects us.  They are only a sample from a shamefully long list.

Consider:  we have a President who, for whatever reason, defies demonstrating his Constitutional qualification to hold his office.  Whether or not he is qualified is practically irrelevant compared to the damage his intransigence has done to our Constitution and rule of law.  By tolerating his obstinacy, Americans forever waive their right to demand evidence that a future president be American born.  Let your imagination run with the possibilities.

Think it's farfetched?

Consider:  the most fearsome power of the Federal government is to make war.  The Constitution assigns specific responsibilities to Congress and the Executive to declare and execute war.  It is a thorny and arduous process.  It's supposed to be.  It's intended as a barrier against gratuitous death.

Yet the last constitutionally declared war ended in 1945.  Since then, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed or maimed and millions slaughtered across the globe at the whim of a single man, defying or, at best finessing, the Constitutional obligation of Congress to declare war.

Protestors may howl about this president or that war.  However, no one gives a thought to the brazen assault that undeclared, unconstitutional wars represent to the American people and our Republic.  After 65 years of blind submission to this tyranny, why would the thought occur to anyone?

Does anybody seriously think there will ever be another constitutionally declared war?  That protection's gone the way of the Whigs.

As bad as destroying our financial lives is, once Americans accepted sacrificing our young in this manner, it was only a matter of time before our emboldened "leaders" came for the rest of the loot.

Here is a documentary film showing the price today's brave young Americans and our Afghan "beneficiaries" are paying for no more reason than our President found himself impaled on his own talking points.  As a result, another generation gets to pursue the deadly chimera of "hearts and minds" for no greater purpose than to pull the President's foot from his mouth.

Worse, while such horrors proceed in his name, the greatest pain this man experiences holding office is losing his privacy!  Would we expect less compassion from George III?

The rise of the Tea Party is a grass-roots recognition that our liberty is too precious to leave to a dull priesthood of politicians and pundits.  The finest Constitution on earth is just a piece of paper if the people it protects aren't prepared to enforce it.  The mass rising of the populace embodied in the Tea Parties is an unprecedented threat to our budding dictators.  It's no surprise their empire struck back with every lame insult its muddled minds could muster.

In their own way, the transparent calumnies hurled at Americans demanding the government obey our laws are comforting.  If that's the best the elites have, perhaps many of the other walls they've built around us are equally flimsy.

Still, we are on the threshold of losing our Republic.  As with other life threatening situations, admitting the problem is the first step:  America, we have a tyranny!  However, judging by the panicked response of the elites, we still have the means to thwart it.  Demanding the government and its officials abide by the Constitution they are sworn to uphold and defend is our best hope.

Enforcing the demands is uncomfortable.  They tyrant has many minions, conscious and otherwise.  It's important to recognize that even those who proclaim themselves our friends can be as dangerous as our adversaries.  Whether it's the Panjandrum of Fairness and Balance or the eye of the Peacock that alters all, those who ridicule the just concerns of the public are themselves the forces of darkness and ignorance.

Their conduct reveals their allegiance.


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Feb 16

Jobs and Revolution and the Vote

The following is a chatty, light but very educational exposure of the real “labor” statistics, the causations and what we as Americans can do about this situation. This comparison of both the employment level and the labor force over time lucidly explains what is going on right now (or not going on!) and is something that you won’t read or hear through most forms of news media, that is, those leaning Left.

We do have recourses, however. A further supporting of the Tea Parties and conservative values and the vote in November 2012.

Jobs and Revolution
Christopher Chantrill     February 12, 2011

Since I know nothing about Egypt beyond what I read in the papers, I won't comment on the Egyptian revolution.  All I can say is that I agree with the pundits.  When you have an autocratic regime then you get rigidities in the economy and society that strain and stress it until something breaks.  The only thing these thug dictators understand is spoils for their supporters and thuggery for the rest.  Freedom? Schmeedom.

So instead of solving Egypt's problems let's talk about America's jobs problem.  No doubt you've heard the mainstream media anguish about the mixed job numbers released on Friday.  Here they are in chart form, direct from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Household Survey website.  First of all, let's look at the employment situation.

Not good.  If there ever was a jobless recovery, of the kind that Nancy Pelosi used to rage about back in 2003, this is it.  Eight million jobs lost since the peak in 2006, and no net jobs for the last year, in spite of a trillion or so in "stimulus."  But the really shocking numbers are in the labor force, the total of people actually working or actively looking for work.

The labor force has been flat for three years.  Notice that even in Nancy Pelosi's nightmare years, the Bush jobless recovery in 2002-2003, the labor force was increasing smartly as people entered the labor force looking for work.  Not now, not with the mixed economic news of the Obama jobless recovery.

Of course, the sluggishness in the labor market is hardly surprising.  The Obama administration and its willing accomplices in the Congress just spent two years rewarding their supporters with new economic rigidities like ObamaCare, stimulus spending for government workers, new environmental penalties like the EPA effort to regulate carbon dioxide, slowdowns and outright bans on energy production, meddling in the housing market, and billions in subsidies to its supporters in the crony capitalist green energy business.  It seems that the only thing our politicians know is to reward their supporters and send their thugs out to beat the economy into submission.

Pretty soon the voters will be ready to throw the bums out and vote for hope and change.  After all, there are millions of jobless out there, and sooner or later they are going to get desperate.  But let me make it clear.  The situation in the US is nothing like the situation in Egypt.  For instance, we don't have millions of people in the streets.

We do?  You are saying that the American people the Tea Party movement have been in the streets peacefully protesting ever since the winter of 2009?  Well, I suppose you have a point.  And based on his State of the Union speech, the President still thinks that the answer to our problems is more government, a program described by the divine Sarah as "a bullet train to bankruptcy."

Anyway, violence never solved anything.  War is not the answer. That is what those nice silver-haired liberal ladies tell us from the bumpers of their Toyota Priuses.

Excuse me, lady.  What do you think that the individual mandate is all about?  It says: go get health insurance or else.  What do you think that universal compulsory education is all about?  It says: send your kid to school or government may take her away.  What do you think that taxation is all about?  Pay your taxes or go to jail.  So you see that it's not just thug dictators that believe in force and violence; nice educated liberal ladies of a certain age believe in force too.

We conservatives are different.  We believe in dialing down the level of force in society, starting with government force.  We believe that the way to get America back to work is not with crony capitalist green energy and bullet trains to bankruptcy.  We believe it starts with lower tax rates and lower government spending.  We believe, with Deirdre McCloskey, in the great middle class, a bourgeoisie dignified and free: free to innovate and free to experiment.

In that city on a hill, where you and I have a rendezvous with destiny, there is a slow, steady evolution every day as new ideas in the economy drive out old ideas, as a few people every day lose their jobs and a few people find new jobs, so there is never a need to take to the streets.  In the culmination of this incandescent vision, the last best hope of mankind on earth, government is limited and greedy bankers don't take home the big bucks.

It's not asking much.  Limited government, a middle class that's innovative and free, jobs, jobs, jobs, and everyone trying to make the world immediately around them a better place for them and their children.  Call it American exceptionalism, the middle class alternative to bloody revolution in the streets of Cairo.


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Jan 14

A Brilliant Death Blow to Outrageous and Unfounded Accusations By Liberals and Progressives Against Conservatives Regarding the Tucson Massacre

In the following editorial, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist by training, delivers a succinct but thorough and trenchant analysis and refutation of the charges made by liberals against conservatives as to their influential role in the committing of the Tucson massacre. This is the coup de grace to wildly unfounded and politically motivated accusations made by liberal and Progressives against the Tea Parties and higher profile conservatives like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

He also brilliantly trivializes and emasculates the intellectually and morally corrupt and uncontrollably partisan Progressive Paul Krugman along with the NY Times in addition to highlighting their hypocrisy.

Massacre, followed by libel
Charles Krauthammer    January 12, 2011;

The charge: The Tucson massacre is a consequence of the "climate of hate" created by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Obamacare The Tucson massacre is a consequence of the "climate of hate" created by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Obamacare.

The verdict: Rarely in American political discourse has there been a charge so reckless, so scurrilous and so unsupported by evidence.

As killers go, Jared Loughner is not reticent. Yet among all his writings, postings, videos and other ravings - and in all the testimony from all the people who knew him - there is not a single reference to any of these supposed accessories to murder.

Not only is there no evidence that Loughner was impelled to violence by any of those upon whom Paul Krugman, Keith Olbermann, the New York Times, the Tucson sheriff and other rabid partisans are fixated. There is no evidence that he was responding to anything, political or otherwise, outside of his own head.

A climate of hate? This man lived within his very own private climate. "His thoughts were unrelated to anything in our world," said the teacher of Loughner's philosophy class at Pima Community College. "He was very disconnected from reality," said classmate Lydian Ali. "You know how it is when you talk to someone who's mentally ill and they're just not there?" said neighbor Jason Johnson. "It was like he was in his own world."

His ravings, said one high school classmate, were interspersed with "unnerving, long stupors of silence" during which he would "stare fixedly at his buddies," reported the Wall Street Journal. His own writings are confused, incoherent, punctuated with private numerology and inscrutable taxonomy. He warns of government brainwashing and thought control through "grammar." He was obsessed with "conscious dreaming," a fairly good synonym for hallucinations.

This is not political behavior. These are the signs of a clinical thought disorder - ideas disconnected from each other, incoherent, delusional, detached from reality.

These are all the hallmarks of a paranoid schizophrenic. And a dangerous one. A classmate found him so terrifyingly mentally disturbed that, she e-mailed friends and family, she expected to find his picture on TV after his perpetrating a mass murder. This was no idle speculation: In class "I sit by the door with my purse handy" so that she could get out fast when the shooting began.

Furthermore, the available evidence dates Loughner's fixation on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to at least 2007, when he attended a town hall of hers and felt slighted by her response. In 2007, no one had heard of Sarah Palin.

Glenn Beck was still toiling on Headline News. There was no Tea Party or health-care reform. The only climate of hate was the pervasive post-Iraq campaign of vilification of George W. Bush, nicely captured by a New Republic editor who had begun an article thus: "I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it."

Finally, the charge that the metaphors used by Palin and others were inciting violence is ridiculous. Everyone uses warlike metaphors in describing politics. When Barack Obama said at a 2008 fundraiser in Philadelphia, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," he was hardly inciting violence.

Why? Because fighting and warfare are the most routine of political metaphors. And for obvious reasons. Historically speaking, all democratic politics is a sublimation of the ancient route to power - military conquest.

That's why the language persists. That's why we say without any self-consciousness such things as "battleground states" or "targeting" opponents. Indeed, the very word for an electoral contest - "campaign" - is an appropriation from warfare.

When profiles of Obama's first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, noted that he once sent a dead fish to a pollster who displeased him, a characteristically subtle statement carrying more than a whiff of malice and murder, it was considered a charming example of excessive - and creative - political enthusiasm. When Senate candidate Joe Manchin dispensed with metaphor and simply fired a bullet through the cap-and-trade bill - while intoning, "I'll take dead aim at [it]" - he was hardly assailed with complaints about violations of civil discourse or invitations to murder.

Did Manchin push Loughner over the top? Did Emanuel's little Mafia imitation create a climate for political violence? The very questions are absurd - unless you're the New York Times and you substitute the name Sarah Palin.

The origins of Loughner's delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Krugman's?


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Jan 10

Liberals Exploit Tucson Tragedy For Political Purposes

The shooting of Arizona Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by a deranged 22 year old gunman has predictably but despicably precipitated a fusillade of culpatory attacks by liberals and Progressives, including politicians and the news media, who blame this tragedy on everyone important who holds conservative views including especially Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Parties. This assignation is reprehensible, irresponsible (particularly the news media and politicians), incorrect and ironic. We suspect that if the victim instead were a Republican, liberals would be insinuating that the individual had it coming to them because of their "Neanderthal" ideological views.

What we do know is that the perpetrator had clinically evident mental illness, possibly paranoid schizophrenia, was a pot head and heavy drinker of alcohol and a liberal with radical political views. The politician he shot was a Democrat and liberal. Thus, there is no conservative or right wing factor here though the Democratic politicians and the liberal Netroots and news media would have you believe that such was irrefutably the case.

The list of these contemptuous, disgraceful perpetrators is too long to list. Included among these are some of the anticipated suspects: Keith Olberman, Paul Krugman, Wolf Blitzer, Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, (Hanoi) Jane Fonda, Sen. Dick Durbin, former Sec. of the Defense William Cohen, Rep. James Clayburn (3rd highest ranking Democrat in the House) CNN and MSNBC.

In fact, in his NY Times blog, Paul Krugman wrote:

"You know that Republicans will yell about the evils of partisanship whenever anyone tries to make a connection between the rhetoric of Beck, Limbaugh, etc. and the violence I fear we’re going to see in the months and years ahead. But violent acts are what happen when you create a climate of hate. And it’s long past time for the GOP’s leaders to take a stand against the hate-mongers."

Where were all these individuals while the Left was relentlessly threatening President Bush and V.P. Cheney in some of the vilest ways and continue to do so particularly against Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh? We didn’t hear them complaining or calling for the cessation of such inflammatory attacks and language. Actually, they were among those who were spewing the Left’s incessant incendiary rhetoric. We also didn’t hear them complain about the film “The Death of a President” which was a depiction of the assassination of President George Bush and which won the International Film Critics Award (as a far left political statement) or even when he was depicted with Nazi symbols. There were no condemnations when John Kerry stated regarding President Bush that “I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone.” They also didn’t complain that Obama was inciting violence when he declared at a Philadelphia fundraiser in 2008 regarding Republicans: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”, a statement which he has often repeated.

Such is the irony of their present, unfounded accusations which the American public has been able to easily discern. For several reasons based on their corrupt moral algorithm, they don’t consider these blatant improprieties and transgressions to be as such. However, to rational and neutral observers, this is incontrovertibly a double standard.

Exacerbating the situation are the immediate attempts by the Left’s to use this tragedy in order to gain support for their liberal agenda of gun control and the restriction of free speech - prohibiting what they deem to be provocative (according to their double standards). As Rahm Emanuel famously posited:

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

These are a continuation of relentless attempts to provide the government with ever increasing power over its citizenry while concomitantly abridging and restricting our rights, freedoms and ability to protect ourselves as explicitly enumerated in the Constitution.

We must remain vigilant if we want to remain free.


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Dec 3

Obama’s Goals Compatible With the Transformation of America Into a Police State

It doesn’t take much insight to notice the rapidly accelerating outrage and disgust that the general public is feeling and expressing regarding the Obama Administration’s handling of the TSA screenings and the overall despicable disdain and arrogance that it has for the American people (and which is toxically spewed daily). These are some of the reasons for the formation of the Tea Parties and their subsequent electoral successes.

The present tenor of the dialogue regarding Obama’s attitude, legislation and general modus operandi reveals that the elections were only the beginning and much more needs to be done to oppose and defeat such malevolent intentions. It is infinitely clear that Obama’s vision for America is that of a police state ruled by an autocratic, elitist government that disrespects, ignores and abrogates the rights and freedoms of its citizens. The U.S. Constitution is only an antediluvian document of little significance.

We must relentlessly fight every day and night to repeal Obama’s legislation and oust his corrupt, incompetent and racist cronies and czars.

And we need to have him removed from office … ASAP – before it may be too late!

Obama's police state
Now private parts are public province
Jeffrey T. Kuhner    The Washington Times     November 26, 2010

Illustration Obama boot by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

President Obama is engaging in a relentless assault on our freedoms and constitutional government. The growing backlash against the new

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screening procedures signifies that Americans finally may have had enough.

There is a grass-roots revolt against state-sanctioned sexual harassment. And who can blame the protesters? Children are stripped of their shirts, and their private parts are touched. Nuns and old ladies are groped by intrusive TSA agents. Breasts have been fondled.
Men's crotches have been patted down. Full-body scanners show images of people naked - a clear violation of privacy and civil liberties.

The administration insists that the enhanced procedures are vital for national security. The rationale: Last year's underwear bomber nearly blew up a plane flying over Detroit. Hence, everyone's private parts are now the property of the federal government - at least when flying.

This is wrong and dangerous. Airport screening procedures have been a huge experiment in mass political correctness. For fear of insulting Muslims, the U.S. government has insisted that all Americans take off their shoes, pull out their belts and walk through metal detectors at airports. Americans have patiently put up with these inconveniences. But now, for many, enough is enough. "Don't touch my junk" has become a national rallying cry.

The central problem with modern airport security is that it falsely assumes that every person - each of the 7 billion people who inhabit the planet-is an equal terrorist threat. The 80-year-old Irish Catholic nun, the 3-year-old toddler, the 61-year-old bladder cancer survivor whose urine bag was punctured by TSA apparatchiks - all of them, according to Mr. Obama, are potential suicide bombers. They're not. To pretend they are is to engage in leftist multicultural fantasy. It embodies the triumph of ideology over reality - the deranged belief that anyone at any time is a lurking jihadist.

Islamic terrorism is not an open-ended, universal characteristic. Rather, it is a specific, narrowly defined phenomenon. It is fueled by Muslim extremists bent on waging a holy war against the West. Its perpetrators tend to be young adults from the Middle East, North Africa, the Arab world and the Muslim ghettos of Europe. Most jihadists fit this profile. What is needed is not more groping, crotch-grabbing or nude screening, but better intelligence-gathering, random checking and targeted profiling.

Washington insists on perpetrating the illusion that a Christian grandmother in Iowa poses the same possible national security threat as a 19-year-old Yemenite exchange student majoring in Islamic studies. Hence, America is squandering precious resources and manpower, as well as abrogating basic civil liberties and humiliating its population, in order to appease the sensitivities of the Muslim lobby.

Moreover, the new TSA procedures mark another major step in Mr. Obama's drive to impose state socialism. If anyone else did what TSA agents do regularly, they rightly would be charged with sexual assault. Mr. Obama has done the unthinkable: He has extended the federal government's reach into our most private, intimate body parts. Big Brother not only watches us in the nude, he can routinely molest us at will.

The administration is not restricting its unprecedented power grab to airports. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently said that trains, boats and subways also may implement the same screening procedures. If the White House has its way, Americans will be getting felt up on the Metro and Amtrak every day - morning, afternoon and night.

Ultimately, these measures are not only degrading and wrongheaded. They are profoundly illiberal, reflecting a deep-seated contempt for individual rights and civil dignity. They also reveal a radical leftist outlook that views Americans not as self-governing citizens, but as subjects of a nanny state.

Like many on the progressive left, Mr. Obama is an anti-American political thug. He despises the Constitution and capitalism. He bristles under the restraints of democratic governance and the system of checks and balances. From Vladimir Lenin to Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez, socialist leaders have masked their will to power by portraying themselves as visionary thinkers - sophisticated intellectuals seeking social justice. In reality, they have one goal: revolution.

Mr. Obama has embarked America upon that perilous path. He has de facto nationalized health care, the financial sector, the insurance industry, student loans and major automakers. He has appointed numerous policy czars with vast Cabinet-level powers who have not been confirmed - or even vetted - by the Senate. His administration violated parliamentary procedures and repeatedly bribed and arm-twisted members of Congress to ram through Obamacare - against the expressed will of the people. His surrogates sought to directly manipulate and interfere in primary elections on behalf of pro-Obama candidates - likely committing several felonies. His Interior Department falsified scientific reports to justify the temporary ban on oil drilling in the Gulf Coast. His Justice Department has refused to prosecute blatant voter fraud and intimidation. Mr. Obama has referred to his critics as "enemies" who must be "punished."

He is seeking to use the lame-duck session of Congress to pass more unpopular, sweeping legislation - a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill; the DREAM Act, which effectively grants amnesty to illegal immigrant students; and repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding homosexuals in the military. Hence, an unrepresentative Congress, in which the House Democratic majority was defeated and replaced in the Nov. 2 election, thinks it has the right to circumvent the electorate.

Mr. Obama's regime has abused its power and fostered anti-democratic behavior. He is slowly erecting a soft police state. It is not one with a fascist jackboot on your face but with a unionized TSA bureaucrat in your crotch - all in the name of public safety. Say hello to Big Brother Barack.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute.


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Nov 11

Obama Indicates That He Will Now Support an Across the Board Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts

Word is that Obama will capitulate regarding his stance against the continuation of the Bush tax cuts for all income levels. As just reported, he recognizes the political reality of the situation particularly evident with the strong showing and powerful force of the Tea Party Movement.

If he will follow through with this change of heart, this will be great news for all Americans.

Obama Caves On Tax Increases
Dan Spencer   November 11, 2010

Obama accepts the new political reality and capitulates on his long campaign to sell what may call the largest tax increase in American history.

Senior Presidential Advisor David Axelrod tells the Huffington Post President Obama will accept an across-the-board continuation of Bush-era tax cuts. According to Axelrod, “We have to deal with the world as we find it.”

Yes, elections have consequences. After making  “well over 100 calls” — reaching out to every new Republican senator-elect and many of the incoming GOP House members, Obama “accepts” the political imperative, even if he doesn’t get the policy imperatives for maintaining rather than increasing the current tax rates.

This is a huge victory for the campaign waged by the TEA Party Movement and many in the GOP, including Senators-Elect Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey to stop the huge Obama tax increase. Credit is also due to the post-election campaign wage by the GOP/TEA Party Movement victors to listen to the people, put the people back in charge and realize enough is enough.

The TEA Party Movement proved to be such a powerful force even Axelrod is wondering how Obama can work with the “new breed of conservatives.”

Preventing the huge Obama tax increases is only the first step, now we must continue the fight to reduce spending and deficits and undo the Democrats’ ObamaCare government takeover of health care.


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Nov 2

The Arrogance of Obama and the Congressional Democrats Led To The Creation of the Tea (Rex) Party


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