Sep 24

The Congressional Stimulus Bill Was A Radical Plan

In a political year of previously unimaginable legislation and events, one seemingly more outrageous or unanticipated than the next, comes a shocking new revelation. The Congressional Stimulus Bill which was passed on February 13th, also known as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, not only was not read by any member of Congress but it also was not authored by any of them or any members of their staffs except for the myriad pork projects. Yes, you read that correctly and are not in a drug induced stupor or other altered state of consciousness! In a move where calling it egregious woefully understates the case, Congress (largely Democrats) passed a $787 billion dollar stimulus bill that would spend our tax dollars without even one member reading or writing the document. The level of arrogance and contempt for the American taxpayer that this abrogation of responsibility represents is unfathomable.

Now for the clincher. If Congress didn’t write this pork laden, profligate monstrosity then who did?  An amalgamation of several radical leftist interest groups called the Apollo Alliance authored this bill and did so with the intent of advancing their radical agenda. The mission statement of the Apollo Alliance identifies its goals to be to “tie elements of organized labor with community organizers and environmental groups into an outfit that would restructure American society.”

Among the members of its Board of Directors were:

  1. Van Jones the communist of “green czar” notoriety
  2. Wade Rathke – founder of ACORN
  3. Gerald Hudson – V.P. of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). This is the same union presently doing much of the coercing in trying to have the healthcare reform bill passed and was involved in melees at tea party protests and town hall meetings.


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Sep 3

Excerpt of Town Hall Meeting In Clark County, Washington, With Representative Brian Baird

The following video was taken during the Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Congressman Brian Baird in Clark County, Washington on August 18th. It captures some of the anger that millions of Americans are expressing in response to dangerous, intrusive, fiscally irresponsible, and restrictive legislation that Congressional Democrats and Obama want to impose. Americans are tired of the disdainful and condescending attitudes of their representatives as well as their insincerity and deceptions.


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