Dec 4

The Obama Administration, Liberal Politicians and the News Media Are Insidiously Surrendering America to Islam

In the following eloquent editorial, Pamela Geller decries our Nation’s ostensible unilateral surrender to Islam without a fight. It is not due to the complaisance of the general public – at least those that are not Progressives.

No, most Americans are very angry – livid - at what is going on, what they are seeing and the consequences of “political correctness” as judged by the Left.

It is not our military either. Most of them believe in the defense of freedom and liberty and not the subjugation of fellow citizens.

The reasons that we are experiencing an insidious invasion and transformation in this country with Islam taking center stage is because of our liberal and progressive politicians who can’t seem to believe that some people can harbor such deep seated hatred of us and our way of life and that a religion is based on, preaches and rewards hate, intolerance, violence and domination. This is despite countless wanton attacks committed on innocent people throughout the world involving myriad disparate societies, governments and socioeconomic levels.

Strongly supporting this perverted tack is the news media in general. In fact, they provide further motivation for these jihadists.

“No profiling” they assert.

“Let the Muslims practice their religion (which is an all encompassing way of life).”

“To hell with Jews and Christians” they are in effect saying.

So, for example, we now have the outrageous body searches of old ladies, cancer patients and children so as not to offend the “kind” Muslims and single them out.

These jihadists don’t mean us any harm” these Progressives claim. “They are just a little misguided.”


The American public vehemently disagrees with this ideology, attitude and approach. They are tired of acquiescing to the unrelenting complaints and endless list of demands of Muslims which all come at the high price of our freedom and rights. They want special rights and preferential treatment which is not granted to any other groups.

We MUST to put our foot down NOW, draw a line in the sand and not yield another inch to these terrorist and this religion of hatred, intolerance and subjugation.

We must fight this incursion relentlessly as well as oppose, thwart and oust the politicians who support this appeasement.

Starting with Obama!

Surrendered Nation
Pamela Geller     November 28, 2010

The turkey being served up last Thursday by the ruling elite was the American people. Because she was wearing a panty liner that obscured the screener's view of her genitals, a TSA official subjected a menstruating woman to a fondling "so invasive that I was left crying and dealing with memories that I thought had been dealt with years ago of prior sexual assaults."

When did we agree to surrender to Islam? Seriously. Whom did we appoint or elect to negotiate this surrender? Our surrender has been parceled out in loss of freedom, accommodation, and submission to Islamic supremacist demands, and in foreign policy that is supine before Iran and cozying up to the Taliban.

Explain to me how -- after 9/11 and the tens of thousands of Islamic attacks across the world that have been committed in the name of jihad since then, as well as the myriad Muslim insurgencies in numerous countries, the accelerating destruction of Western civilization in Europe, and the hundreds of jihad plots that have been thwarted in the West -- the American people were sacrificed without being consulted.

We cannot address jihad or the teachings that mandate Islamic imperialism and violence for the glory of Allah. Nothing is being done to defeat that which inspires the enemy. Barack Obama has banned words relating to Islam and jihad from the anti-terror lexicon. When in India, he was asked for his opinion, his "take" on jihad, and he surrendered in his response, saying, "Islam is one of the world's great religions."

Every day we are forced to submit to some form of Islamic law, the Sharia, in businesses like Disney, Wal-Mart, Target, Rising Star Industries, and J.B. Swift. Individuals are losing their jobs for insulting Islam -- we see the mosqueing of the workplace, Islamic finance, academic jihad, virulent Islamic anti-Semitism, historical revisionism, and other advances of Islamic supremacism in every aspect of our daily lives.

Meanwhile, those who speak out against all this are marginalized, vilified, and silenced. My website, Atlas, has just been banned from Veterans Administration computers, along with my colleague Robert Spencer's Both were banned for giving voice to "controversial opinions."

I wonder how veterans feel about that. Fighting jihad is controversial? So what are our soldiers doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? It's a real head-scratcher.

And it all represents a massive societal surrender by the Obama administration and our political elites. And who softens us up for this civilizational suicide? The media.

Who chose the media to negotiate the surrender?

NBC is naming a waiter-turned-thug-turned-impostor developer, Sharif El-Gamal, as "person of the year" because he is behind building a triumphal mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the largest, most heinous attack on U.S. soil in American history.

Then there is this outrage: one of TIME magazine's "Person of the Year" candidates is the radical Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who has said that "the U.S. has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaeda has the blood of innocent non-Muslims on its hands" and that Osama bin Laden was made in the USA. His mosque initiative, remember, is named the Cordoba Movement; Cordoba is a city that in the Islamic world is iconic of Islamic conquest over the West.

Meanwhile, once again we have to look north for leadership with a moral compass. Canada will boycott a planned antisemitic U.N. conference on racism in New York in September 2011, Durban III, because it promises to be nothing more than a "hatefest," directed largely at Israel.

G¬_d bless Canada. Obama, you shame us yet again.

The U.S. should have been the first to take a stand against genocide and apartheid. But Obama won't; he'll be at Durban III, dragging the U.S. down even farther than he already has. And we will be there, too: my group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is already planning to protest Durban III. We will be there with thousands of defenders of freedom and Western values and those who refuse to allow a second holocaust. Evil will not win this time. Six million Jews will not be sacrificed to Islam.

Plan your vacation, time off, sick leave for September -- stand with us against Islamic supremacism.

And at some point, all lovers of America and of freedom will have to go on a massive apology tour to the free world for the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.


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