Jan 29

Illegal Alien Costs In L.A. County Alone May Exceed $2 Billion Per Year!

By not effectively addressing illegal immigration issue, the anchor baby issue all while leaving our borders insecure and porous, we have left our country vulnerable on several accounts including massive unreimbursed costs, security, increased crime, overburdening of our educational system and reduction in its quality and effective resources.

This has also become a political issue with significant implications on both sides of the aisle. The Democrats largely refuse to effectively address the problem claiming that these individuals deserve better and it is our obligation to facilitate it by providing resources such as free health care, education and food stamps (all at the expense of us, the taxpayer). Part of the reason is related to their socialist utopian ideas of equality independent of effort, circumstances or national origin. They claim that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees them these rights.

However, the real reasoning is political expediency, power and money. These illegals vote Democrat by a margin of at least 2 to 1. By allowing the status quo, the Democrats are, in essence, guaranteeing themselves re-election in the future as there will be potentially a net increase of Democrat voters over Republicans by at least 4 million. Even worse, this will dilute the effects and power of the votes of true, homegrown citizens thus abridging our rights.

Attacking the Constitutional argument, most constitutional scholars agree that the 14th Amendment was inserted into the Constitution to ensure that children born to African slaves would be considered citizens. It was not intended to be interpreted as it has been for many years now. The consequence of this distorted “interpretation” is illegal aliens steal their way into our great country for the sole purpose of birthing "anchor babies" in order to gain access to our generous welfare benefits and live a more enjoyable life?

As the article below points out, the illegal immigrant parents of stateside-born children gain access to $600 million in social services benefits each year in Los Angeles County alone! When health care and public safety expenses are factored in, this cost exceeds $1.6 billion which doesn’t even include the costs associated with educating these children. With most municipalities in California and the state itself drowning in red ink, this is a burden the taxpayers cannot and should not be required to bear. Project the well over $2 billion in L.A. County alone (for just one year) to every other city, county, and state in America burdened by this fraudulent cost and we are talking well over $100 billion per year.

This massive expenditure of taxpayer dollars could be better employed to reduce our debt and deficit. This could be facilitated if changes were made such that the Fourteenth Amendment was followed as intended, not as the Progressives and Democrats want it to be interpreted - as part of their living, breathing document shtick.

Welfare Tab for Children of Illegal Immigrants Estimated at $600M in L.A. County
January 19, 2011

Welfare benefits for the children of illegal immigrants cost America's largest county more than $600 million last year, according to a local official keeping tabs on the cost.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich released new statistics this week showing social spending for those families in his county rose to $53 million in November, putting the county government on track to spend more than $600 million on related costs for the year -- up from $570 million in 2009.

Antonovich arrived at the estimate by factoring in the cost of food stamps and welfare-style benefits through a state program known as CalWORKS. Combined with public safety costs and health care costs, the official claimed the "total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers" was more than $1.6 billion in 2010.

"Not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education," he said in a statement.

Antonovich's figures, though, center on costs generated by American-born children of illegal immigrants. Isabel Alegria, communications director at the California Immigrant Policy Center, said it's "unfair" to roll together costs associated with both illegal immigrants and U.S.-born citizens.

"Those children are U.S. citizens, children eligible for those programs," Alegria said.

She also questioned the authenticity of Antonovich's numbers regarding health care and public safety -- though for the welfare program statistics, Antonovich cited numbers from the county's Department of Public Social Services.

Antonovich acknowledges that the children whose benefits he's focusing on are U.S.-born. But he argues that the money is collected by the illegal immigrant parents, putting a painful burden on taxpayers, including those who are legal immigrants.

"The problem is illegal immigration. ... Their parents evidently immigrated here in order to get on social services," Antonovich spokesman Tony Bell said. "We can no longer afford to be HMO to the world."

He said the state should cut back on these social benefits. According to the November statistics, that cost accounted for 22 percent of all food stamp and CalWORKS spending in the county.

Over the summer, the Federation for American Immigration Reform also looked at these kinds of costs nationwide to get an idea of the burden to local governments at a time when many are grappling with budget deficits.

The organization reported that the cost of illegal immigration stands at about $113 billion a year. Nearly half of that amount went toward education costs, according to the study. Costs were naturally higher in states with large illegal immigrant populations -- in California, the total annual cost was pegged at $21.8 billion.


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Jan 7

House GOP Will Immediately Tackle the “Birthright Citizenship” Issue

Finally we may actually have some discernible progress on illegal immigration issues now that Republicans are in control of the House. On their very first day of the 112th Congress, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) introduced a bill that would end the awarding of American citizenship to children of illegal aliens born here. These are the so called “anchor babies” - a major component of the illegal immigrant problem and a substantial motivating factor for illegals migrating here.

This is a multifaceted problem which will have to be dealt with aggressively and persistently and will also face intense vitriol from the far left media and radical organizations including La Raza and the Obama Administration.

Fortunately, it appears that the Republicans are resolute on this issue which bodes well for our country.

Day One: GOP Congressman Introduces Bill to End ‘Birthright Citizenship’
Meredith Jessup 1/6/2011

Before new members of Congress had a chance to celebrate their swearing-in ceremonies Wednesday, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was hard at work keeping his promise to address loopholes in America’s immigration laws.

On the first day of the 112th Congress, King introduced a bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, a measure that would end automatic citizenship for anyone born on American soil — so-called “anchor babies.” Instead, King’s proposal would end “birthright citizenship” by mandating than only children of citizens and legal immigrants permanently living in the country or immigrants enlisted in the military be granted U.S. citizenship.

According to King, the number of babies born to undocumented immigrants runs from 340,000 to as many as 750,000 and that existing law does not discourage pregnant women without citizenship from giving birth in the United States to guarantee their newborns access to state and federal services. “Sometimes by plan, (they) have a baby here so they can cash into this great ATM called America,” King said last November.

Such “anchor babies,” King says, strain the country’s resources, a “substantial” burden on government services.
Many conservatives have called for changing the 14th Amendment, but King insists that ending birthright citizenship through legislative action is an easier route.

“We need to address anchor babies,” King told Politico Wednesday. “This isn’t what our founding fathers intended.”

Republicans grabbed headlines last summer after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized the longstanding law, saying it encourages pregnant women to come to the country to have children so they can eventually become citizens themselves.

Though Politico predicts that immigration legislation isn‘t high on the House GOP’s list of legislative priorities at this point, at least five members have signed on as co-sponsors for King’s bill: Reps. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., Gary Miller, R-Calif., Rob Woodall, R-Ga., Brian Bilbray R-Calif., and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.

In a separate effort, the New York Times reported Wednesday that Republican state lawmakers across the country plan to introduce similar legislation in at least 14 states. Though they acknowledge the bills aren‘t likely to have a practical effect on stemming the tide of illegal immigration in the near future as they’re challenged in court, representatives from Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Carolina said they hoped the Supreme Court would ultimately give the green light for legislative action in Washington.


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Nov 26

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry Suggests Military Action To Address Border Issues

For a long time we have been stating that not only has Obama been negligent regarding securing our borders with Mexico in particular but he has also willfully adopted the position of allowing it to remain porous for political reasons to the detriment of national security and individual safety. Thousands of Americans have been needlessly murdered or subjected to other violent and non-violent crimes perpetrated by these invaders as a direct result of such wanton neglect. (The now convicted murderer of Chandra Levy, the high profile incident occurring in Washington in 2001, was himself an illegal alien.)

We strongly feel that Obama’s incompetence and arrogant, selfish motivation for consciously preventing our borders from being secured from illegal aliens, terrorist, and Mexican narco-gangs and even suing Arizona for taking actions that comport with federal law in order to protect its citizens, are strong grounds for impeachment. He has wantonly violated a basic responsibility of the Presidency.

Gov. 'Blackjack' Perry?
Investor’s Business Daily   11/19/2010

As Mexico buckles, Rick Perry's warnings are starting to sound like prophecy.

Border: As lawlessness spreads in Mexico, the governor of Texas speaks of sending in U.S. troops — a dramatic statement underscoring the fact that the region needs help and isn't getting it.

Attending a conference of governors in San Diego on Thursday, Rick Perry startled some by saying defeating Mexico's cartels may require U.S. military intervention.

"You have a situation on the border where American citizens are being killed," he told MSNBC. "I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military. I think you have the same situation as you had in Colombia. Obviously, Mexico has to approve any type of assistance that we can give them."

That may sound extreme, but it underlines that Washington has shortchanged Mexico on even military aid that would help it win its drug war. It has also done little for border states such as Texas and Arizona that bear the brunt of the war, other than deliver lawsuits.

To Washington, the only motive for states' efforts to resist the violent drug cartels is racism, not security.

But Perry knows what he's talking about.

A day earlier, spillover from the war in Mexico took on a quite literal meaning when a dead body clad in cartel-style combat gear washed up on the U.S. bank of the Rio Grande near Salineno, Texas.

According to the Monitor daily in McAllen, police had no idea who he was. But it's likely he's another hash mark to the 31,000-plus death toll of Mexico's war since 2006.

Meanwhile, just eleven blocks away from the Texas town of Roma, hundreds of war refugees from Mier, Mexico, huddle in the town of Miguel Aleman after being forced from their town by the brutal Los Zetas cartel, which vandalized and looted the town.

Los Zetas want Mier for reasons barbarian marauders do — the town sits at a strategic choke point of highways to large cities on both sides of the border. Whoever controls Mier controls routes to them. The Zetas, made up largely of Mexican military renegades, think in military terms.

That's why Mier and this region keep coming up in the news.

Thursday, Mexican troops blew away 11 Zetas in the area and the Zetas took five military men hostage. Mexico watchers noted that the directness of the battle in Mier suggests the Zetas mean to control that town at all costs. Their intensity was seen last month just north of Mier at the Falcon Reservoir, where an American jet-skier was killed and the Mexican police official investigating was beheaded.

The nearby Falcon Dam was also threatened by Zetas with destruction last April, which if carried out would have flooded both sides of the border and displaced 6 million people.

If these realities and other outrages don't wake us up to the fact that our border is now a war zone, what will? War zones require a military response, and as Gov. Perry makes his warning, the prospect of an expedition against the bandits, similar to the ones Gen. John J. "Blackjack" Pershing led in 1916 and 1917, grows more likely.

That's doubly so as the war gets bigger.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, speaking by conference call Thursday, said the Obama administration has yet to present a "comprehensive and credible plan" to address national security threats along the border.

Plan Merida, a $1.4 billion package of training and equipment aid to help Mexico fight the cartels, remains largely unspent, with only 9% delivered, according to a 2009 report. That's negligence.

Meanwhile, a 44-page "Broken Neighbor, Broken Border" congressional field investigation, released Friday by Rep. John Carter of Texas, warns that law enforcement agencies in Texas and Arizona are being overwhelmed by the Mexican war's spillover, spending a third of their budgets and manpower on it.

Worst of all is the condescending attitude of the Department of Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano, who snidely told Perry that if he wants border protection, it's up to him to pay for it with Texas National Guard troops. Is she saying border protection isn't her job? If so, that's dereliction of duty.

As Mexico buckles, Washington fails on every front to admit the problem. It raises the possibility that troops really will have to be used — as a last resort. Perry's warning in that case will be prophecy.


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Nov 13

Obama “Thought” Process: Feed My Self Interests or Protect the Borders, etc.

We have commented as have others on the unconscionable amount of taxpayer dollars that are being spent on “emperor” Obama’s ten day tour to India and Indonesia. That is $200 million dollars per day for ten days total!

A two billion dollar profligacy in attempts to enhance his world standing and sate his unfettered ego and narcissism – all at the expense of the overburdened, far underemployed American taxpayer who stands to gain virtually nothing. This is indefensible, irresponsible, arrogant and rapacious and he should face harsh consequences for his actions.

That money should be going right back to the taxpayers. Period.

As noted below, the United States gives Mexico $400 million per year totally to fight the drug cartels which now is equivalent to just a two day’s for Obama to stay at the Taj Mahal hotel in India. Furthermore, why does he need more than 3000 people to accompany him?

An astoundingly large number of Americans are being murdered both in the U.S. and in Mexico by Mexicans – legal and illegal. Imagine what some of this money could do to shore up our borders, reduce crime and illegal immigration. Even in today’s world, $2 billion dollars can be put to a multitude of other good uses. Instead, the U.S. Treasury is being raided and used as Obama's personal bank account.

Obama doesn’t and won’t see it this way. (Neither will the press.)

Impeachment proceedings would be a bargain…

As Obama Tours, Our Border Woes Worsen
Investor’s Business Daily    11/04/2010

Border: As President Obama tours India in the style of an Ottoman sultan, the gates of his own nation remain under siege. Five more Americans were killed in Mexico this week, with little interest from Washington.

How is it the White House can scare up $200 million a day for a presidential visit to India — for a pasha-like caravan of 3,000 people, 34 battleships, hundreds of helicopters and loaded hotels for 10 days of peacock diplomacy — but deliver few reinforcements to the battle zone our own border has become?

That's the sad reality as one considers the extravagant costs of President Obama's 10-day trip to India and other Asian countries while the resources committed to securing our border and helping our desperately struggling neighbor, Mexico, go wanting.

Wednesday, Mexican cartels murdered another American, Eder Diaz, 23, a University of Texas-El Paso student visiting his family in Juarez. His friend Manuel Acosta, 25, whose citizenship is not known yet, was also killed. Diaz's death made him the fifth American killed in Mexico this week. The State Department says 92 Americans were killed in Mexico from June 2009 to June 2010.

Diaz won't be the last, because in reality, families and businesses are intimately entwined across our southern Border. But nearly 100 dead Americans is unacceptable. Were such numbers to occur in Iraq, the anti-war left would protest. The White House offers only silence. There won't be a $2 billion presidential visit to the frontier where the killings are happening anytime soon.

The problem is now on our side as well. Immigration activists say about 4,300 Americans are killed by illegal immigrants every year as our border goes unguarded. With cartels controlling the illegal immigration trade, it's likely cartels had a hand in at least some.

One bad U.S. killing stands out: in suburban Phoenix, where three cartel members beheaded a rival last month. Chandler, Ariz., police say Mexico's cartels operating on U.S. soil are the suspects. In the past, such depravity had been dismissed as unlikely here because cartels would be too afraid. Well, not anymore.

The cartels in fact are operating here easily. On Thursday, U.S. agents arrested 45 cartel members known as La Familia Michoacan in Atlanta. La Familia, run by a drug lord known as "El Mas Loco," is the craziest of all the cartels. Based in central Mexico, the group is known for its bizarre religious rituals and freakish crimes. In 2006, they rolled severed heads like bowling balls onto a dance hall floor. Now they're here.

The problem here comes down to two issues: As the president spends $2 billion to impress India's locals, his country is doing little on one of its most vital foreign policy priorities: protecting our border and helping our neighbor Mexico win its brutal drug war.

How is it that $2 billion can gets splashed out on a trip to India while the Merida Initiative to help Mexico fight its cartels gets a mere $400 million a year? Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, says he needs help, and the sad thing is that U.S. aid in this kind of war is known to be effective — as it had been in Colombia. How much more critical it is in the case of the war on our own border.

Perhaps more outrageously, the border fence, meant to keep cartel business out, approved in 2006 as the Secure Fence Act, hasn't been built. Unless completed, the $3 billion spent will be little more than another chapter in the annals of U.S. government waste.
We see a skewed sense of White House priorities.

The president on the one hand is making an extravagant show of U.S. might and power in India. Yet back home, barbarian hordes at our gates are killing U.S. nationals and literally streaming over our border as the leader of the Free World does nothing.

The world will eye this disconnect and conclude that the U.S., for all of its resources, is nothing but a paper tiger. The result could be ominous.


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Oct 26

An Outrage: Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Has Been Living On Public Support For Years And While He and Michelle Are Multimillionaires

Obama’s illegal alien aunt has been living on public support for years which we the taxpayers have to bear. She was to have been deported twice but did not leave the country. Now, she has been granted asylum from the same judge that sought to deport her in the past. Apparently, Obama influenced this decision behind the scenes.

There are several egregious issues regarding this whole affair. First, as seen in the video interview below, she matter of factly states that the United States is obligated to take care of her and her kind.

In other words: She sees herself entitled to taxpayer supported aid. We owe it to her. There is no sense of responsibility nor a verbal acknowledgement of the burden that this places on the taxpayer.

She bears an attitude just like her nephew, Barry Obama (aka Barack Obama).

Second: With the Obamas worth millions of dollars, how can they morally allow or accept his aunt to live on public assistance? Of course, this is a rhetorical question as we do expect this arrogant and irresponsible behavior from the two of them.

They display this despicable attitude and moral bankruptcy daily.

President Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango


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Oct 25

Mexican Drug Cartels Send Well-Armed Assassins To Arizona

In a memo from the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona law enforcement authorities have been warned that well-armed and trained drug cartel assassins have been sent to the state to protect the illegal drug shipments from thieves and others. According to the specious claims of the Obama Administration and the supremely inept Homeland Security Secretary and former Arizona Democrat Governor, Janet Napolitano, the state is as safe as ever.

Unless you are in a persistent vegetative state, any person would comprehend the dangers that these unfettered cartels present to the citizens of Arizona and the nation in general. Add this to the impact of millions of illegal aliens and countless terrorists crossing our unguarded borders and one can see the absolute arrogance, incompetence, and demagoguery of the Obama Administration in refusing to secure our borders and even suing the State of Arizona which is trying to protect its own citizens.

Which is all the more reason why the Democrats need to be voted out of office in November and impeachment proceedings against Obama and several others in his administration need to be expeditiously begun.

Mexican hit men stalk U.S.
Drug lords' gunmen target narcotics thieves, feds say
Jerry Seper     The Washington Times   October 17, 2010

Drug-smuggling gangs in Mexico have sent well-armed assassins, or "sicarios," into Arizona to locate and kill bandits who are ambushing and stealing loads of cocaine, marijuana and heroin headed to buyers in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security has warned Arizona law enforcement authorities.

In a memo first sent in May but widely circulated since, the department said a group of "15, very well-equipped and armed" assassins complete with body armor had been sent into the state to identify, locate and kill the drug thieves, who are thought to be independent operators.

The memo said the assassins had been dispatched to the Vekol Valley, a well-established and widely travelled drug-smuggling corridor running north and south across Interstate 8 between the Arizona towns of Casa Grande and Gila Bend. The valley is a direct link to both the interstate and to Phoenix, giving drug smugglers the option of shipping their goods to California or to major cities both north and east.

Disguised as groups of backpackers but carrying empty boxes covered with burlap, the memo said the paid assassins would attempt to "draw out the bandits." Once identified, it said, the assassins "will take out the bandits."

"We just received information from a proven, credible confidential source who reported that a meeting was held in Puerto Penasco, in which every smuggling organization who utilizes the Vekol Valley was told to attend," the memo said. "This included rival groups within the Guzman cartel."

Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera heads what formally is known as the Sinaloa Cartel, which smuggles multi-ton loads of cocaine from Colombia through Mexico into the United States. One of the most powerful and dangerous drug gangs in Mexico, it also is known as the Guzman cartel and has been linked to the production, smuggling and distribution of Mexican marijuana and "black tar" heroin.

The federal government recently posted signs along Interstate 8 in the Vekol Valley warning travelers the area is unsafe because of drug and alien smugglers. The signs were posted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) along a 60-mile stretch of Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend, warning travelers they are entering an "active drug- and human-smuggling area" and may encounter "armed criminals and smuggling vehicles traveling at high rates of speed."

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, whose county includes the valley, told The Washington Times earlier this month that Mexican drug cartels have posted scouts on the high points around the valley to control movement in the area. He said they have radios, optics and "night-vision goggles as good as anything law enforcement has."

"This is going on here in Arizona … 30 miles from the fifth-largest city in the United States," he said.
The sheriff said he asked the Obama administration for 3,000 National Guard soldiers to patrol the border, but got 15 signs along Interstate 8 instead.

Rising violence along the border has coincided with a crackdown in Mexico on warring drug gangs, who are seeking control of smuggling routes into the United States. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has waged a bloody campaign against powerful drug cartels, and more than 28,000 people have died since he launched his crackdown in late 2006.

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has called the signs "an insult to the citizens of border states." He said American citizens should not have to be fearful for their lives on U.S. soil.

"If the federal government would do its job of enforcing immigration laws, we could better secure the border and better protect the citizens of border states," he aid.

Two years ago, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the investigative arm of Homeland Security, said in a report that border gangs were becoming increasingly ruthless and had begun targeting not only rivals, but federal, state and local police. ICE said the violence had risen dramatically as part of "an unprecedented surge."

The Justice Department's National Drug Intelligence Center, in its 2010 drug-threat assessment report, called the cartels "the single greatest drug-trafficking threat to the United States." It said Mexican gangs had established operations in every area of the United States and were expanding into rural and suburban areas.

It said assaults against U.S. law enforcement officers along the southwestern border were on the increase — up 46 percent against U.S. Border Patrol agents alone.


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Oct 24

Illegal Alien Criminals Are Being Released Back On Our Streets Thanks To ICE

The more we learn about our government, the worse it gets. Innately and thoroughly inefficient, corrupt, incompetent and duplicitous. Millions of Americans are being duped daily, under the false impressions that our government may actually be performing its assigned functions.

One of the basic charges of the federal government is to protect the citizens of our country. This includes securing the borders and deporting or incarcerating criminal illegal aliens. Unbeknownst to most, this is not happening as revealed in the article below.

Such examples provide additional fodder for the ideological position that smaller government is better. Why should taxpayers pay billions more in tax dollars and get nothing or worse in return?

We could do far better keeping the money that we worked hard to earn rather than having the government take it away from us.

'Illegal immigrant criminals back on street, thanks to ICE’
Barbara Hollingsworth   10/20/10

Prince William Board chairman Corey Stewart told The Examiner that a top aide at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement admitted to him that ICE has released more than a half million convicted criminal illegal immigrants back into American communities instead of deporting them.

Stewart also says that he is still waiting for information he requested about the whereabouts of some 2,739 criminals convicted in Prince William County since 2007 and sent to ICE for deportation. County police officers have already recaptured 249 of these felons.

Here is ICE’s response, received after deadline Tuesday:

“ICE has been in contact with Virginia law enforcement as well as state and local officials, including Mr. Stewart, on this issue.
These officials are aware that ICE is currently in the process of gathering an extensive amount of information in response to their request.

“Once this information is compiled, ICE has offered to give a briefing to Mr. Stewart and his colleagues. ICE has also alerted Virginia officials to the fact that any personally identifiable information they have requested about aliens encountered by ICE in Virginia is protected under the Privacy Act and will be redacted from any materials shared by ICE.”

So the federal agency whose main mission is to enforce federal immigration law is not only releasing convicted criminals who entered the U.S. illegally and victimized American citizens back into local communities, it’s now in the business of protecting the “privacy rights” of these felons and refusing to share “personally identifiable information” with duly elected local officials and law enforcement.

Draw your own conclusions.


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Oct 2

Harvard University Forbids ROTC On Campus But Actively Recruits Illegal Aliens For Admission

In just another example of the far left liberal scourge that has infected our "best" institutions of higher education, Harvard University will not allow the ROTC on campus but will go out of its way to recruit illegal aliens for admission.

It is examples like this which are used, overtly or subliminally, to attempt to indoctrinate our children to the perverted dogma of liberal "theology" and therefore assist in the radical transformation of America.

Brown criticizes Harvard leader on ROTC policy
Matt Viser    Boston Globe Staff    September 24, 2010

WASHINGTON — Senator Scott Brown chastised Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust yesterday for not allowing ROTC programs back on campus while she lobbies for illegal immigrants who want to attend college, saying Harvard and its leader have their priorities “upside down.’’

“I am extremely disappointed to learn of Harvard University’s decision to continue to ban ROTC from its campus,’’ the Massachusetts Republican said in a statement. “It is incomprehensible to me that Harvard does not allow ROTC to use its facilities, but welcomes students who are in this country illegally.’’

The comments, which he reiterated in a brief interview, constitute a rare broadside from one of the state’s highest-profile politicians, targeting its most prominent university.

Faust, in an interview Wednesday with Globe reporters and editors, said that Harvard would welcome the military training program back onto campus only when the “don’t ask, don’t tell’’ policy against openly gay and lesbian service members is repealed.

She has also been a vocal supporter of an effort to grant legal status to young immigrants if they meet certain conditions, including two years in college or the military. That stance, too, drew Brown’s fire.

“Harvard has its priorities upside down,’’ Brown said. “They should embrace young people who want to serve their country, rather than promoting a plan that provides amnesty to students who are in this country illegally.’’

A Harvard spokesman stood by the university’s position on the “don’t ask, don’t tell’’ repeal.

“President Faust has said many times that she very much looks forward to the day when the opportunity to pursue military service will be available to all our students who have the ability and the desire to serve,’’ said John Longbrake, an assistant vice president at Harvard.

The university expelled the ROTC program from campus in 1969 amid protests against the Vietnam War. Faust told the Globe this week that the only reason it is still barred is “entirely linked to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ ’’ — a policy that Faust calls discriminatory.

Harvard students still can participate in ROTC, with the university’s support, by joining a program at MIT. Faust has publicly supported ROTC graduates by attending commissioning ceremonies and other events.

Brown’s comments also reflect his opposition to a pathway to citizenship for youths in the country illegally, an effort known as the Dream Act. That position places him at odds with much of the state’s higher education community.

Faust — along with the leaders of Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, Boston College, UMass-Boston, and the University of Massachusetts — sent a letter this week to Brown and Senator John F. Kerry urging them to vote for the Dream Act. Faust also came to Washington last week to advocate for the bill, bringing an immigrant Harvard student who was detained in June for being in the United States illegally from Mexico.

Brown calls the plan “amnesty’’ and its supporters politically motivated.

“They’re welcome to come up here and lobby,’’ Brown said in a brief interview yesterday. “Just like everybody else — they want to lobby on “don’t ask don’t tell,’’ they want to lobby about the Dream Act, that’s great.

Come on up,’’ he said. “But to hold our men and women, the students who want to participate in ROTC, hostage because of those beliefs is wrong.’’

Brown, a lieutenant colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard, has sought to carve out a record on military issues and he sits on the key committees of Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security. He served in the ROTC program at Northeastern University, while he was a student at Tufts.

Earlier this year in the Armed Services Committee, he voted against a repeal of “don’t ask’’ when it was inserted into a comprehensive defense policy bill. On Tuesday, he voted to back a filibuster preventing action on that overall defense bill. The delay was a setback for gay-rights advocates.

He has previously taken criticism from those advocates for his opposition to gay marriage and for once saying it was “not normal’’ for former state senator Cheryl Jacques and her partner to have children, a comment for which he apologized.

The “don’t ask, don’t tell’’ policy also came up earlier this year when Brown met with Elena Kagan, who enforced a limit on the work of military recruiters when she was dean of Harvard Law School. Brown said he was satisfied with Kagan’s explanation, but later voted against her nomination as Supreme Court justice because he said she didn’t have enough judicial experience.

Kerry has also opposed the barring of ROTC programs on such campuses as Harvard’s, although he also supports both repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell’’ and approving the Dream Act.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid had been pushing to attach the Dream Act to the defense policy bill. That effort, too, was stymied this week by the Republican filibuster.

One political analyst said Brown’s statement could be an effort to stir up his base and to reframe an anti-immigration message that has taken hold in some parts of the Bay State and across the country.

“It combines being rough on immigrants . . . and bashing elites,’’ said Maurice Cunningham, a UMass-Boston political science professor. “There’s two things he gets out of it . . . and they both have some appeal.’’

Faust’s comments were also targeted on the campaign trail in the Bay State.

“University officials apparently have no problem opening Harvard Yard to people who break our laws by residing in the United States illegally while they attend school,’’ said Jeff Perry, the Republican nominee for the 10th Congressional District. “However, those same university officials find it unacceptable to support our men and women in uniform as they close Harvard’s campus to students who will fight to protect American’s freedoms.’’

Republican gubernatorial Charles D. Baker, a 1979 Harvard graduate, also criticized his alma mater.

“It’s a bad message to send to the ROTC, to people who serve in our armed services, that somehow they’re not welcome on any campus,’’ Baker said outside the State House, where he was holding a press conference on illegal immigration. “It’s too bad that Harvard doesn’t have ROTC on its campus.’’

Michael Levenson of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Matt Viser can be reached at


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Sep 11

Obama Administration’s Policies Pervert the Intended Purposes of ICE

The Obama Administration’s policy positions for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Dept. (ICE) have not only rendered the agency impotent for its originally intended purposes but even worse, has transformed it into an advocate, supporter and facilitator of illegal immigration and associated illicit activities.

This has even created a unique and unprecedented action by the foot soldiers in the agency who vehemently assailed their superiors unanimously in disgust to these policy changes (ICE Agents Unanimously Critical of their Leadership and Politicization of Illegal Immigration Policies).

This should be one more issue to closely examine if and when actions are taken to impeach Obama.

Enforcement On ICE
Investor’s Business Daily 08/27/2010

Politics: If there's one agency that's been made useless by its leaders, it's Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If, under a new policy, being here illegally is no longer reason enough for deportation, why does it still exist?

The Obama administration has effectively declared open borders to millions of would-be illegal immigrants — not through legislation, but with a sneaky policy move.

On Aug. 20, its man at ICE, John Morton, wrote a memo stating that being in the U.S. illegally is no longer sufficient reason to send someone home. An illegal immigrant now has to be a security threat or else commit a crime — and a violent one at that. To everyone else, ICE turns the blind eye.

Director Morton says it's a matter of priorities. But make no mistake: This is amnesty by another name.

Adding insult to injury, ICE will empty its costly, just-built detention centers of 17,000 existing deportation cases as long as an illegal can show that he or she has applied to become legal.

This, says the New York Times, will "pare huge case backlogs." And to ICE bureaucrats, it's proof they're doing their jobs.

In fact, it's an astonishing abrogation of duty. The policy turns ICE into a $6 billion border-jitney service for the subset of illegals who were picked up by other law enforcement agencies, convicted of violent crime and have served their time, and whose jailers didn't forget to put them on an "immigration hold" list.

Any others can make themselves at home.

That goes for the Mexican Zeta cartel members who are busy recruiting assassins in barrooms around Phoenix, as Fox News reported Friday.

Nothing violent about recruiting, you know — and that goes for illegal immigrants who've illegally voted in U.S. elections.

In the latter case, Fox reported that ICE itself helpfully sent a form letter to an illegal who admitted doing that, coaching him to take his name off the voter rolls first so his application could go through smoothly. ICE didn't mind that the man had admitted to committing a felony. The bureaucrats just wanted to issue him his U.S. citizenship so they could clear the backlog.

It also goes for the Mexican cartel members who may be buying off city governments like that of Cudahy, Calif., which is under FBI investigation. It also goes for illegal immigrants who invade rural properties at night in Arizona, terrifying ranchers.

Not surprisingly, there's no one angrier about this mission-nullification than ICE agents themselves. Last June their union issued a letter expressing a membership consensus of "no confidence" in Morton and Assistant Director Phyllis Coven.

They have "abandoned the agency's core mission of enforcing United States immigration laws and providing for public safety, and have instead directed their attention to campaigning for programs and policies related to amnesty," the agents declared.

By extension, no one's happier than the Mexican cartels that have muscled into the immigrant-smuggling business, making about a third of their income from fees charged for such assistance.

Morgan's no-deport policy is just the enticement they need to bring in new business that will fatten up the fee income they use to make war on the Mexican state.

Last Monday's discovery of a massacre of 72 would-be illegals in Tamaulipas, Mexico, on their way to Los Angeles makes clear what lies ahead. Human smuggling is an evil ICE should not encourage.

The cartels are monopolies that make $500,000 or so per human "load" into the U.S., but they also press many illegals into becoming foot soldiers. Some are forced into sex slavery, and others — as the sole survivor of the Tamaulipas massacre claimed — are ordered to become cartel assassins in the U.S. — or else.

The fact that the U.S. no longer enforces immigration laws for anyone except those with violent criminal or terrorist convictions will draw would-be immigrants into this racket like a magnet.

At a time when U.S. diplomats' families have been ordered to evacuate the consulate in Mexico's second-biggest city, Monterrey — as happened Friday — any encouragement of illegal immigration works at cross purposes to the real national security mission of defeating cartels.

ICE leaders talk smugly about "priorities," but they've effectively abandoned their agency's core law-enforcement mission and become servants of the immigration lobby. ICE should be allowed to do the job it's tasked with. Failing that, it should be disbanded.


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Sep 1

Obama Arrogantly Refuses To Seriously Deal With Border Security

Obama continues to display unfettered arrogance, ineptitude and inappropriate partisanship while at the same time luxuriating in expensive hedonistic activities such as his weekly vacations and golf outings which obviously he feels are deserved. Millions of Americans beg to differ.

With this backdrop, Obama refused outright to meet with Texas Governor Rick Perry during his recent trip to Fort Bliss in the state. The nature of the conversation was to be over the alarming, dangerous and violent situation along the border with Mexico.

Obama would not make the time for even a brief meeting. But regarding his golfing, parties at the White House and weekly vacations – there is plenty of time.

“United States be damned” he is conveying.

Didn’t his racist, hateful, anti-American religious leader, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, spew the same vitriol?

He listened to and learned from this hate monger but refuses to listen to the American people.

Perry Offered Consolation Meeting After Request for Obama Face Time Denied
August 31, 2010

The White House apparently offered a consolation meeting to Texas Gov. Rick Perry after he was denied face time with President Obama on his trip to Fort Bliss Tuesday.

The Republican governor's spokeswoman said Perry's request for a presidential meeting to discuss border security was rebuffed. According to Perry spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger, White House aides said the president would not be available for such a meeting.

Instead, White House spokesman Luis Miranda said Perry "was offered but declined" a meeting on border security with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan.

"Today, the president is at Fort Bliss to honor the troops who so bravely serve our country, but if the governor wants to have a meeting about the border, the White House has made that possible," Miranda said in a written statement.

Cesinger later said the governor was just looking for a meeting with the president, not his advisers.

"The governor does not need additional briefings about what is occurring on our border. What we need is an immediate deployment of additional resources," she said.

Perry was one of the first people the president saw when he stepped from Air Force One during an Austin visit on Aug. 9. On that occasion, Perry hand-delivered a letter to Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, warning about the "dire threat" from drug violence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Miranda noted that the president has "directed unprecedented resources to the southwest border since launching the Southwest Border Initiative in March 2009" and signed into law $600 million in supplemental funds for border protection, law enforcement, 250 additional National Guard for Texas and a new Texas-based Predator drone to enhance surveillance to personnel on the ground.

Fox News' Major Garrett and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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