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Writing as well as searching for and finding interesting, insightful and informative material is a time consuming and often daunting task. Nevertheless, because we are so passionate about this cause, the rewards are the positive impact on those who view the website and the hope that this may contribute even in a microscopic way to a very important and worthy cause.

We welcome relevant contributions from you. These can be links to interesting articles, political commentary or comics, photos, and videos. You are also encouraged to submit original editorial content that can add constructively to the discourse. This writing must meet the standards of acceptable public dialogue and should not contain profanity or intolerance based on the usual issues – race, sex, religion, country of origin, etc. We reserve the right to publish or reject contributions, suggestions and ideas for whatever reason and to make editorial changes as warranted.

Information directly from websites including photos and videos can be submitted with the specific URL’s. For original writing, please submit it in a Word format (.docx or .doc) or as a PDF. Photos should be sent as lower resolution JPG’s.

Please e-mail all content to

Thank you for your interest and support!

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